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ShortyPen, former Texan with a very interesting site, I love it because it makes me laugh!
Puddle Duck Racing boat design
Texas Centerboard Circuit, race your centerboard sailboat all across Texas!

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Sailing Texas welcomes you! We are viewed ALL OVER the US and in many other countries. We help people buy sailboats and sell sailboats and teach people how to sail. To navigate this site, click on the links in the BLUE box above; on your left are more links to Sailing Texas and links to other sites I find useful. On your right are links to all new and reduced price sailboats for sale and yachts for sale in the Sailing Texas Classifieds. Below in the middle I have news and other things about sailing.

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Sailboat Classifieds for about 250 sailboats for sale.
The Photo Gallery contains more than 16,000 new and used sailboats that have been listed for sale on Sailing Texas since 2002, a useful resource for anyone buying or selling a sailboat or yacht, and about 1,000 boats are added each year.

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Sailboat Safety by Theo Young
Galley Planning by Norman and Elizabeth Martin.
Double handed sailing by Norman and Elizabeth Martin.
The Restoration Of Wookie - A Flicka 20. Article by Chris Vassiliou.
The Restoration Of Wookie - A Flicka 20. Chapter 2. Article by Chris Vassiliou.
The Restoration Of Wookie - A Flicka 20. Chapter 3. Article by Chris Vassiliou.
Gloucester 16. Article by Edward Haile.
Spacesailer 18 By Gary Dick
Alacrity Ski Yachting Regatta. By Barney Brewer
International 505. ON THE EDGE: racing dinghies, and a woman. By John Joss
Paddling a Sleeping Volcano By Jett Conner
Lake Amistad. By Mack Warner
Why sailboats are better than women by Adon Voile
Flying Dutchman. Article by Zhenya Kirueshkin-Stepanoff
2012 Flying Dutchman North American Championships. By Zhenya Kirueshkin-Stepanoff
Winter sailing
Polytarp Sails
PDRacer - Dave Gray
Chapter 10 - Sail Care
A First Sailing Experience by Arthur Cayer
A Winter Project by Larry Steen
Sails are llike Tires by Greg Rutkai
Index of Articles in Frank's Corner of Sailing Texas
Racing Overnight From Corpus Christi to Galveston Bay by Bob Harrell
Chapter 9 -Boat and Sail Care and Maintenance
The Skimmer - Article by Spike Selig
Don't Mess With Tugs. Short Story 4 by Frank Perras
Short Story by Jerry Roberson
Crew-itis - Article by Greg Rutkai

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LeafFilter: A lake in your basement is no good for sailing. Call the Leaf Filter professionals to install the LeafFilter system so you won't have to worry about a flooded basement. With Leaf Filter you can head to the lakes of Texas worry-free!

David Luckenbach founded Sailing Texas. Please see David's section on this site and his inspiring fight with cancer. He was a Sailing Instructor who taught most often on Lake LBJ, Texas.
See some fascinating 250 year old letters from Francis Godolphin Bond, the nephew of Bligh of the Bounty.


Please visit sail-orion.com.
New Lagoon 400-S2
Catamaran for Charter in

Sea-legs Inc

Sea-Legs Inc. Virtual Voyages.

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Ready for some sailboat humor?
England was great fun, we toured both the Victory and the Warrior in Portsmouth, among other things.
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Classified Changes

In July:
39 sailboats sold
6 ads expired, usually sold
70 new ads

In August:
12 sailboats sold
3 ads expired, usually sold
32 new ads

  • 8/16/18, Back on market 1977 Irwin 30
  • 8/15/18, SOLD 1998 Hunter 310
  • 8/15/18, New listing 2013 Sunfish
  • 8/15/18, Back on market 1985 Hunter 25.5
  • 8/15/18, Price reduced on 1975, CAL 2-34

  • 8/14/18, Price reduced on 1989 Impulse 21
  • 8/14/18, New listing 1980 Vagabond Cutter, 42 ft.
  • 8/14/18, New listing 1946, Unique Historic Dutch Sailing Vessel "Compaen",
  • 8/14/18, New listing 2009 Hobie Getaway
  • 8/14/18, Back on market 1985 Seawind 24 Catamaran
  • 8/14/18, Price reduced on 1960 Pearson Triton 28
  • 8/14/18, SOLD 2007 Roger Simpson 46 Catamaran
  • 8/14/18, Back on market 1975 Catalina 30
  • 8/14/18, SOLD Chesapeake Light Craft 18 ft. Kayak
  • 8/13/18, Price reduced on 1982 H-28, Sailboat by Parkins Marine
  • 8/13/18, Price reduced on 1984 San Juan 21
  • 8/13/18, New listing 1993 Santana 2023A
  • 8/12/18, New listing 2014 Juna 37
  • 8/12/18, Price reduced on 1985 S2 27
  • 8/12/18, Back on market 1984 ComPac 19 II
  • 8/11/18, SOLD 1983 Hutchins Compac 16 Mk 1
  • 8/11/18, New listing Starfish
  • 8/11/18, Wanted: Mirror dinghy. See Sailboats wanted
  • 8/11/18, Back on market, Price reduced 1975 C&C 30
  • 8/10/18, New listing 1986 Catalina 22 swing keel
  • 8/10/18, SOLD 1975 Guppy 13D
  • 8/10/18, SOLD 2015 Sunfish
  • 8/9/18, Price reduced on Scandinavian Faering, 2009, Row and Sail Boat
  • 8/9/18, New listing 2004 Laser Bahia
  • 8/9/18, New listing 2004 Flying Scot
  • 8/9/18, New listing mid 1960s Lightning
  • 8/9/18, SOLD 2002 Macgregor 26X
  • 8/9/18, 1984 Catalina 30
  • 8/8/18, New listing 1986 Vancouver 25
  • 8/8/18, New listing 1982 Cape Dory 30
  • 8/8/18, SOLD 1962, 5.5 Meter Racing Yacht, 31.5', built by Seabrook Shipyard
  • 8/8/18, New listing 1982 Catalina 25 Swing (retractable) Keel
  • 8/8/18, Wanted: Prout Sirocco 26. See Sailboats wanted
  • 8/6/18, New listing 1984 Montgomery 15 VIDEO AD
  • 8/6/18, New listing 1989 Impulse 21
  • 8/6/18, 1990 Catalina 34
  • 8/6/18, New listing 2003 Capri 22
  • 8/6/18, Back on market, Price reduced 1984 Montgomery 23
  • 8/6/18, SOLD 2001 Hobie Getaway
  • 8/6/18, Price reduced on Custom Glass over wood double ender
  • 8/6/18, Price reduced on Windrider 16 Trimaran
  • 8/6/18, New listing 2010 Weta Trimaran
  • 8/6/18, New listing 1984 Catalina 25, fixed keel
  • 8/5/18, 1985 Omega Capri 14.2
  • 8/5/18, 1985 Hunter 31
  • 8/5/18, Price reduced on 1979 Windrose 25
  • 8/4/18, New listing 2004 Beneteau 331
  • 8/4/18, New listing 1975 Irwin 42
  • 8/4/18, New listing 1980 Alberg 22
  • 8/4/18, SOLD 2014 Hobie Tandem Island
  • 8/4/18, New listing 1994 Santana 2023A
  • 8/4/18, New listing 1960 Pearson Triton 28
  • 8/3/18, Price reduced on 1976 Cal 29
  • 8/2/18, Wanted: FORCE 5 sailboat. See Sailboats wanted
  • 8/2/18, Price reduced on 1973 Windrose 24
  • 8/2/18, 2015 Compac Horizon Cat Video Ad
  • 8/2/18, SOLD 1965 South Coast 21
  • 8/2/18, Price reduced on 1983 Hutchins Compac 16 Mk 1
  • 8/1/18, SOLD 2008 Flying Scot
  • 8/1/18, New listing 2003 Hobie Getaway
  • 8/1/18, New listing Bauer 12
  • 8/1/18, Price reduced on 1970s Australian 18' Racing Yacht
  • 8/1/18, New listing 1979 Oday 30
  • 8/1/18, New listing 2004 West Wight Potter 15
  • 8/1/18, New listing 1997 Nacra 6.0
  • 8/1/18, New listing Roger Simpson Liahona Trimaran project, 45 ft

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