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Hobie 16, 1981, Marietta, Georgia, $3,999, Price reduced 3/27/11 to $3,299, Ad expired

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Hobie 16, 1981 professionally rebuilt is for sale!

  • Has new keels on her, so the bottom is rock hard.
  • Hulls are solid and painted grey.
  • Every part listed below is NEW and has only been out on the water less than 10 times.
  • Mast/boom/frame has been painted flat black and wetsanded to look like new.

  • Stainless steel rudder pins
  • Tiller connections
  • Downhaul scales
  • Halyard cleats
  • Gooseneck bearings
  • Harken swivel cams
  • Jib track end-stops
  • 6:1 Harken Ratchet mainsheet system
  • 6:1 Ronstan downhaul
  • Rudder cam adjusters
  • Rudder cams
  • Hull ports
  • One piece rudder gudegeons
  • Pylon inserts
  • Class legal downhaul attachments
  • Black Hobie mesh trampoline
  • Spyderline purple lacing line
  • Spyderline lime green main halyard
  • NER Bzzz 8mm mainsheet
  • NER Bzzz 7mm jib sheet
  • NER traveler adjustments
  • Hobie jib traveler/swivel kit
  • Shrouds/forestay/bridles
  • Aussie jib halyard with ronstan blocks
  • Al. hot stick (adjustable)
  • Trap wires (one per side)
  • Dogbone hookups with adjusters (one per side)
  • Neoprene side rails
  • Neoprene racing strips on hulls
  • Drain plugs
  • Rivets
  • Spare parts (shackles, pins, batten lines, mast bearings)
  • Rudder stiff kit (no more slop)
  • Ronstan outhaul jam cleat w/new line
  • Batten end caps w/line
  • Hobie step link kit

    Comes with one mainsail (in 90% condition). The mainsail is all white. Every batten is good. ONE batten pocket has been repaired at the luff. NO major stains on the sail. There is left over residue of yellow/blue on top from sail stickers. I have a quote from for $115 to completely clean the sail and re-resin it. Turn around time is 6 weeks, and a discount if sent in before December 15th. This would make the sail in like new condition.

    Two Jibs are included. One no-name batten-less storm sail This is good if its extremely windy and you are not 100% confident. There is a tear along the leach about 16in long. Nothing a little stitching canít fix. The other jib is a Hobie Jib. Only includes TWO battens, and the sail itself is missing one batten pocket. I would rate this jib at 60%, because it is still fairly crisp, just needs a little work. I have never had a problem sailing with it with only two battens in it.

    The trailer is like new. All new wiring and new lights. Also includes side lights! New clear rollers are installed on new shafts. The boat rolls off itís so smooth. Galvanized, but painted grey. New hubs and bearings installed, as well as new wheels/tires. The trailer has wood over it painted with KILLZ-might need to be repainted as the first coat didnít take too well.

    This boat has lots of money her, but Iím willing to take $3999 obo for it. You wonít find a better completed Hobie at this price. Itís a BLAST to sail, and sheís fast. Everything listed is class legal EXCEPT for the hotstick.

    I'm located in Marietta, GA. If you are 100% and have cash in hand, before you drive off we can throw the boat in my front yard and I will show you how to rig all the fancy parts.

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    Hobie 16, 1981 sailboat

    Hobie 16, 1981 sailboat

    Hobie 16, 1981 sailboat

    Hobie 16, 1981 sailboat

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