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Laser II, 1980, Lake Canyon, Texas, $2,000, Price reduced 4/11/17 to $1,805, SOLD 7/7/17

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Laser II, 1980 with Spinnaker and Trapeze

  • Boat Length: 14.5 ft
  • Beam: 5.75 ft
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Sail Area: Main- 93 sq ft, Jib - 31 sq ft, Spinnaker -110 sq ft
  • Sails are in fine condition
  • Trailer included.

    The main hull is in very good condition with a few nicks and rubs.

  • The deck in and around the cockpit has some surface cracks in the gel coat.
  • The foils have normal wear and tear for the age of the boat.
  • I bought this boat in 2010 and have used it on and off taking friends out for leisurely rides, to racing at Lake Canyon Yacht Club.
  • There are five sails--2 jibs, 2 mains, and a spinnaker.
  • I've never used the older set of sails, which are probably original.
  • The previous owner said the other sails were purchased in 2000.
  • The hull doesn't really leak, except when it's been a heavy heavy wind day and I've been racing for 7-8 hours. Then, there's about 3/4 gallon water in the hulls.
  • The rigging on this boat is mostly new.
  • Mostly new sheets, halyards, and both side stays have been replaced.
  • The plastic rudder mounting bracket has been replaced with a stainless steel mounting bracket. New tell tales on main and jib.
  • I rebuilt the trailer boat supports 2 years ago, and the trailer lights are new as well.
  • The boat is fast if you aren't heavy, or if the wind really picks up.
  • Best crew weight is a little over 200 pounds.
  • It will easily handle two adults for casual sailing.
  • There is a trapeze on this boat as well.
  • There is also a boat cover for storage (ok condition).


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Laser II, 1980 sailboat

    Laser II, 1980 sailboat

    Laser II, 1980 sailboat

    Laser II, 1980 sailboat

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