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Com-Pac 16, 1991, Oriental, North Carolina, $4,499, Ad expired

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Com-Pac 16, 1991

It is a small pocket cruiser sailboat. Com-pac 16's are 16 feet long with a beam of 6 feet. They have a shoal draft keel and draw 18 inches. They are generally thought of as being very seaworthy vessels. A Com-pac 16 displaces approximately 1100 pounds with 450 pounds of that as ballast in the keel. A relatively high ratio of keel weight to boat weight make the Com-pac resistant to heeling or overturning. The Com-pac's stability lends to its popularity. Although it has been out of production for approximately 10 years, there is an active online community for the Com-pac 16 (as well as other Com-pac models). Com-pac owners routinely share ideas, boat modifications, and experiences.

  • Evinrude 4hp 4 stroke
  • Trailer Included
  • Good Rigging
  • Crisp Sails in Great Shape (Main & Jib)
  • Great Lake Boat
  • Oriental North Carolina

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Com-Pac 16, 1991 sailboat

    Com-Pac 16, 1991 sailboat

    Com-Pac 16, 1991 sailboat

    Com-Pac 16, 1991 sailboat

    Com-Pac 16, 1991 sailboat

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