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M16 Scow, 1971, Cedar Park, Texas, $500, SOLD 4/7/17

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M16 Scow, 1971

  • Price: $500
  • 16 feet long

    This boat was built by Melges in the early '70ís. There was several builders of this boat back in the day and this one is in amazingly great shape. There are no weak areas in the hull. Not even the bow like a lot of MC Scows I've seen. I bought this boat on an ebay auction for $500.

  • It came with no sails and the trailer needed major work. The trailer has been redone with new wheels, tires, LED lights, bunks refitted and new winch. 2 newer sets of North racing sails were purchased from a fleet in New Jersey for $1200.
  • This boat has a Jib and Main but Jib not shown in pics.
  • The boat was fitted with 3 new hiking straps and 2 new Elvstrom Bailers which in themselves cost $100. I have well over $2000 ini this boat and really no time to deal with it. You can take the boat sailing today.
  • All the rigging and blocks work. But some of the running rigging is stuck in a time warp.
  • Sheets should be updated.
  • I had planned on racing this in the Texas Centerboard Circuit but have since bought a larger boat.
  • Location is Cedar Park, TX


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    M16 Scow, 1971 sailboat

    M16 Scow, 1971 sailboat

    M16 Scow, 1971 sailboat

    M16 Scow, 1971 sailboat

    M16 Scow, 1971 sailboat

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