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Multi 23 trimaran, 2008, Conroe, Texas, $15,000, Taken off market 10/5/17

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Multi 23 trimaran, 2008

Multi 23 in great shape.

  • Located in Conroe TX.

    The multi 23 is a safe, fast, exciting trimaran.

    You can see what this boat is capable if you visit:

    The video is of a newer boat with a couple of tweaks but I have had similar sessions on the boat that is up for sale.

    The multi 23 features carbon fibre where it is important (the bottoms of the hulls and the cross members supporting the amass). This results in a stiff boat which is a blast to sail. This boat is set up for an asymmetric spinnaker but could be easily converted back to a more standard screecher.

    Sail inventory:

  • Mylar square top main and jib in almost new condition (Calvert).
  • Elliot Patterson (EP) main and jib for everyday sailing (good condition).
  • EP spin (perfect) + Calvert spin (a tear that has been fixed otherwise new condition).
  • Screecher (very good condition).

    2hp air cooled Honda 4 cycle motor (marginal).


    The boat is around 700 lbs with boat and trailer less than 1000. I trailered it back from Florida with a Volkswagen Jetta.

    The boat is sold by Torpen where you can find more details and specs.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Multi 23 trimaran, 2008 sailboat

    Multi 23 trimaran, 2008 sailboat

    Multi 23 trimaran, 2008 sailboat

    Multi 23 trimaran, 2008 sailboat