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Santana 22, 1970, San Pedro California, $1,900

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Santana 22 1970 Make: W. D. Schock 22"

  • Clean title car into registration:
  • Asking price $1900


  • with 2 hp add 200
  • With 8 hp at 400

    This boat is docked in San Pedro CA. Santana 22 hull # 473 is a cruiser-racer built for sailing on the bay. The boat is in good condition and ready to sail.

  • Boat handles and sails like a Santana -fast and comfortable-easily singlehanded.
  • Title is clear
  • It comes with a main sail, a jib sails, lines, anchor, life jackets, fire extinguisher, flares, cabin seat cushions, portable toilet, sail and tiller covers.
  • The summer has barely just begun, with the best sailing still to come. Here is your chance to discover a whole new dimension to life in the Bay Area. This boat was my first bay sailing boat and I was amazed at how being out on the water seemed to transport me into some exotic vacation-land. Having always explored the bay from land, I never knew how much different things would be on the water. Not to mention, all the new places to discover.

  • boat hull & topsides in good condition -no blisters or damage.
  • Keel is faired into hull
  • interior has dinette.


  • knotmeter.
  • Marine radio.
  • Needs-tlc & minor cosmetic tuch ups.
  • even without any repairs boat could sail tomorrow no major problem-all just cosmetic.

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