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Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014, Eagle, Idaho, $8,995, SOLD 10/7/18

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Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014

FANTASTIC 2014 Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran.


    Very rare and hard to find in this part of the country. The boat is superb, fast, safe, and easy to sail.

  • Virtually unsinkable and will not turn over.
  • Room for 2-3 in the two cockpits and more on the trampolines. (My wife and teenage daughter fit in the front cockpit easily)
  • Foot steering leave your hands totally free.
  • I have sailed this boat in 20 knots while eating a sandwich.
  • It's amazing fun for all the family and for novices or experts alike.
  • The WR 17 is not like any other trimaran or boat on the market.

  • Easy to launch and load and once you learn, it can be rigged and in the water single handed in about 20 minutes. The outriggers telescope in and out in seconds for easy towing and storage.

    The boat has no drop keel or center board so can be beached without hazard.

  • I've motored it up through the river at North shore on Payette Lake without touching the bottom, so it also makes a great fishing or sunbathing/swimming platform with tons or space and storage.
  • People beach these boats then throw a tarp over the boom and sleep on the trampolines. I haven't done it but it looks like fun.

    Comes with a customized factory trailer, and Suzuki 4 stroke 2.5 horse outboard which runs like a Swiss watch. (Uses about 1 gallon per summer, no joke)

    Always garaged and never in salt water.

    Extras include:

  • Front windshield.
  • Foot steering for passenger cockpit
  • Customized hand steering for docking.
  • Custom engine splash guard.
  • Custom Roller reefing main sail. (This is very cool and makes raising and lowering the main simple and quick) Also comes standard with roller reefing jib.
  • Accessory bags.
  • Trampolines.
  • Removable Trampoline seats.
  • Larger trailer wheels for freeway towing.
  • Trailer jockey wheel. (Can be pushed around easily with one hand off the vehicle)
  • Sheet guides to keep the pilot cockpit tidy.
  • Hard shell and soft shell cockpit covers.
  • Dry box for cell phones and car keys.
  • Rare black and white factory sails. (Looks very cool)
  • Color coded sheets (New last year)
  • Topping lift for easy motoring with the sails down.
  • Owners manual.
  • 2 paddles.
  • Spare fuel tank.
  • Mast raising kit (Which I don't actually use but cost quite a bit and makes it easy even for small Ladies to raise the mast)

    The boat is super light and easy to tow with any small SUV or pick up or even car.

    If you are looking for safe, fantastic, inexpensive summer fun, and to be different from the crowd, but not break the bank, this WR17 is the ticket, and is about as loaded as they come.

  • Rigging and sailing instruction given if desired.

    LOCATION: Eagle Idaho.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014 sailboat

    Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014 sailboat

    Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014 sailboat

    Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014 sailboat

    Wind Rider WR17 Trimaran, 2014 sailboat