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Siren 17, 1980, Oklahoma City, $2,400, SOLD 6/6/19

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Siren 17, 1980

  • manufactured by Vandestadt and McGruer Ltd of Canada

    LOA 17' 2", Beam 6' 8", Hull Weight 750lbs, Keel Weight 140lbs, Sail Area 145 sqft, 8" draft board up, 4.25' draft board down.


  • Trailer (EZ Loader steel trailer, with new tires, new LED lighting and wiring. Wiring connections are soldered and shrink wrapped to prevent problems.)
  • Sails (main sail and furling jib), appear to be original, yet in in very good condition.

    Does not include an outboard motor. The outboard motor in the photos is not for sale.

    Some qualities worth mentioning:

  • Cockpit is over 7' long. Very roomy for a 17' cabin boat. Mainsheet does not obstruct the cabin.
  • Manufactured with built in flotation chambers spread throughout the boat. When capsized these boats float unbelievably high and dry on their sides. As long as the keel is locked down they self right. Even when the keel is not down, they right easily with just a little nudge. Will float even if completely swamped.
  • Self draining cockpit.
  • Motor support pad built into the transom. No motor bracket required when using long shaft outboard.
  • Tons of storage space in the cabin, under the cockpit, and in the lazarette. It will swallow an amazing amount of gear, and still have room to sleep in.
  • Super low maintenance boat. Cabin top has a small low tech pop-up vent, combined with the vented throughway hatches, are able to vent the entire interior of the boat from bow to transom.
  • Good feature to prevent hidden problems. It is almost entirely fiberglass, so very durable.
  • Great trailer sailor. Pull with most vehicles. Easy to launch and recover. Trailer sits low and the boat floats high in only 8 inches of water.


  • I suspect for a 1980 Siren that has not gone through a complete refurbishment, this particular Siren must have been treated kindly by its previous owners. Gelcoat is in remarkable shape for a boat this old. The cast iron keel is in great condition. It seems to even have the original cushions that could pass for brand new. She's been treated good. Other than the cabin windows having become cloudy and crazing, she almost could pass for slightly used or refurbished. Slightly used may be spot on. You may want to hold off replacing the windows, because they clouded evenly and it resulted in subtle privacy tinting - not a structural concern at all - and you can still lookout the windows from within the cabin with no problem.

    I purchased this boat with the intent of taking her apart and rebuilding her. There is just no need for this. The boat is in too good of shape to bare tearing apart. Must have been built strong. Makes me wonder how much abuse must have been inflicted on other Sirens to require them to be refurbished.

    Contact Bobby in Oklahoma City


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Siren 17, 1980 sailboat

    Siren 17, 1980 sailboat

    Siren 17, 1980 sailboat

    Siren 17, 1980 sailboat