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Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019, Sweetwater, Tennessee, $2,500, Price reduced 7/9/19 to $2,250

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Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019

  • Asking $2250.
  • Located Sweetwater, TN 37874
  • Built 2019

  • 16 feet hull length
  • Single Leeboard
  • This is a homebuilt boat, constructed of 2” thick structural foam, designed and built by the owner, who is not a certified marine architect, but does have a masters in engineering and many years sailing experience in many types of boats, and has built or restored many boats previously.
  • The structure is reinforced with wood at stress points.
  • Orange Dave Gray Polysail 59 sqft Leg-O-Mutton sprit sail sleeved on a wooden mast, matches boat paint.
  • Gray Ripstop Nylon sail cover
  • Main Hull and amas are covered with cotton duck canvas.
  • Akas extend from about 6’ width for storage and transport, to 10’ width for sailing.
  • Amas are 12’ length, and will support about 400+ lbs each.
  • Draft is about 3-4” board up, and 18” board down.
  • Seating is converted patio chairs, and is very comfortable even for seniors.
  • Waterproof storage hatches fore and aft.
  • Auxiliary propulsion is a kayak paddle.
  • Trailer is converted jet ski trailer, and is in good condition with 13” wheels and good tires plus spare.
  • There are no known problems with boat or trailer.

    Owner is selling for little more than materials cost, because wife and I, at 80 and 85 are no longer physically capable of launching and retrieving by ourselves.

    Email Jim at

  • or phone (423) 453-7129
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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019 sailboat

    Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019 sailboat

    Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019 sailboat

    Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019 sailboat

    Trifoam 16 Trimaran, 2019 sailboat