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Flying Scot specifications
  • Length, overall 19'/5.8 m.
  • Length, waterline 18' 6"/5.6 m.
  • Beam 6' 9"/2.0 m.
  • Draft, board up 8"/.2 m.
  • Draft, board down 48"/1.2 m.
  • Mast height, above water 28'/8.6 m.
  • Sail Area, main & jib 191 sq. ft./17.65 sq. m.
  • Sail Area, spinnaker 200 sq. ft./18.6 sq. m.
  • Weight, all up 850 lbs./385 kg.
  • Flying Scot Video

    The Flying Scot is my favorite daysailer. 19' long, 6'9" wide and weighing 850 pounds, the Flying Scot is roomy, stable and fast. Drawing only 8.5" of water when empty, you truly can sail a Flying Scot in about 12" of water with the centerboard all the way up. 191 square feet of sail and a 200 square foot spinnaker provide plenty of power.

    Video explaining the rigging on a 2006 Flying Scot, 111 MB
    Broadband only, click on the picture to start the video.
    Click to start video

    Video of 2008 Flying Scot #5815
    2008 Flying Scot sailboat VIDEO

    Short Flying Scot video:

    Click Play button,(maybe twice) to start the video.

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    Flying Scot Index

    12/11/18, 1968 Flying Scot, Houston, Texas, $5,800 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    2/4/17, 1968 Flying Scot, White Rock Boat Club, Dallas, Texas, $1,976 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    7/17/16, 1968 Flying Scot, Canyon Lake, Texas, $1,500 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    1/2/12, 1968 Flying Scot, Russiaville, Indiana, $1,900 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    6/11/11, 1968 Flying Scot, San Angelo, Texas, $2,995 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    6/21/09, 1968 Flying Scot, Delavan Lake, Wisconsin, $3,799 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    12/27/06, 1968 Flying Scot, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, $1,200 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    11/16/06, 1968 Flying Scot, Bulverde, Texas, $2,995 1968 Flying Scot sailboat

    Flying Scot Index

    Sailboat Photo Gallery

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