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Melges M-20 Scow, 1968, New Bern, North Carolina, Free to good home, Donated

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Melges M-20 Scow, 1968

Free to a good home.

  • Fiberglass bottom repaired and replaced with wood strip plank and fiber glassed with epoxy.
  • The bottom has held for over 2 years.
  • Heavy wood mast has been replaced with a light weight aluminum mast (not shown).
  • Otherwise the boat is as original.
  • Sails, spinnaker, etc.

    Trailer is useable. The M-20 has been successfully been given away. There was a 5 way scramble to get it. Thanks, someone will be very happy to get it.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Melges M-20 Scow, 1968 sailboat

    Melges M-20 Scow, 1968 sailboat

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