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Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975, Waterford, Michigan, $2,400, SOLD 12/4/10

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Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975

Reluctantly, I am listing my sailboat for sale. It is a 1975 Sailstar Conquest, in very good condition. The Conquest is very similar to Carl Alberg designed Bristol Corithian: it was built in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1975 (sail #45, apparently there weren't many built). It is good classic looking boat -- very stable with strong rigging (when I went to the sailboat shop to replace a fitting, they said it was sized for a 30 footer!).

It sails well both in strong wind and light wind and has a deep, dry and comfortable cockpit. It has a ballasted shoal keel and a lightweight retractable centerboard that is operated with a single line, not a winch (it goes up and down in seconds). It can be also sailed (even close-hauled) with the swing keel retracted (though you will notice more heeling and leeway). It comes with three Boston Doyle sails, main, jib, and a roughly 135% genoa. The sails are less than 10 years old, but the genoa shows a little bit of wear (I'd call it good cruising condition). The main and the jib are in great shape. A trip to sailrite would have them looking like new.

  • LOA 19'2-1/2"
  • Beam: 6'9-1/2"
  • Displacement of 1750 lbs, towing weight around 2400 lbs.
  • Draft: : 1'7" centerboard up, 3'11"centerboard down

  • Standing rigging is in like new shape. I doubt you could find a burr anywhere.
  • Running rigging is in good condition. Main and jib sheets are new. Genoa sheet is good. Halyards are fine, but could be replaced if you really want the boat to look new.
  • Blocks and tackle are all Schaefer, in good condition. Includes long genoa tracks and short jib tracks.

    Topside, deck and cockpit paint are all new this year. Needs bottom paint and could use a bit of rub-rail repair, but once done you will have a boat that looks nearly new. There are no cushions, however.

    Includes a 1999 Yamaha 3hp outboard in great condition. It starts, runs and idles as it should. It pushes the boat about 5.5 mph just above idle, and is quiet while doing it. You can have a normal conversation while running this speed. It tops out at about 7 mph, but the extra noise isn't worth it.

    I added a storage compartment to the rear deck, not shown in the pictures. The boat now has plenty of storage outside of the cabin, so you don't need to fill the cabin with your gear. This makes the cabin more accessible (my kids love it). The trailer has real 14" automotive tires and tows very well (I towed over 2000 miles this year). I also have a one-man mast raising system that works very well. I can get the mast up in a few moments, and launch the boat, ready to sail in less than 30 minutes on any ramp over 30" deep.

    The boat has a custom blue canvas boom tent (mooring cover). The cockpit is very comfortable with the tent up, it makes a much better place for adults to sit than the cabin. It doesn't leak either. There is also a semi-custom storage cover (I made it from a pontoon cover) that fits very well.

    Price: $2400, ready to sail with motor and trailer.

    I will consider delivery within 4 hours of Waterford, MI with a full price offer.

    I can also arrange delivery anywhere along I-77 between Cleveland and Charlotte, NC, as I make this trip periodically.

    Thank you for keeping Sailing Texas going. You can mark my Sailstar as sold. It just went with its new owner today.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

    Sailstar Conquest 20, 1975 sailboat

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