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Walker Bay 8' Dinghy, Eunice, Louisiana, $750, SOLD 11/11/10

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Walker Bay 8' Dinghy with Sailing Kit - $750

I don't know the year, it doesn't matter - these boats are legitimately called "indestructible".

  • Old style sailing kit with lug rig.
  • Modified centerboard for more comfortable seating (I cut the plastic handle off and added a rope one).
  • "Unsinkable" flotation donut included. Upgraded oars with oarlocks included.
  • Boat is rated for 2hp and 425lbs. It will really scoot with an outboard, and is a fun sailer.
  • Sail is essentially unused, with one small hole from wear that took place in the bag. Hole is nicely patched both sides with sail tape.
  • This is basically a new boat with a price that makes the sail kit free, compared to new retail (check West Marine).
  • Missing the wheel at the back of the keel, otherwise excellent condition.
  • Bags for sail and spars.

    Will deliver within 100 mile radius for free. This gets the boat to the Texas Border. If you are willing to come get it where I live, the price has some small wiggle room.

    I have a deposit on my boat. Please consider it sold. Thanks!
    Eunice, Louisiana

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Walker Bay 8' Dinghy sailboat

    Walker Bay 8' Dinghy sailboat

    Walker Bay 8' Dinghy sailboat

    Walker Bay 8' Dinghy sailboat

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