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Escape Rumba, 2001, North Houston, Texas, $1,150.00, SOLD 9/12/11

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Escape Rumba, 2001

This 2001 Escape Rumba may be the smartest sailboat you will ever purchase.

  • Other small sailboats have a BIG problem......No way to reduce the sail area when the wind kicks up.....This is NO PROBLEM for the Rumba!
  • The Rumba features the SmartRig sail plan with roller reefing on the mast, usually found only in much larger boats.
  • When you want to deploy the sail, simply pull the outhaul line and the sail unrolls.
  • To stow the sail, pull on the furling line and the sail easily rolls up on the mast again. This also means the sail is easily adjusted to any size necessary for wind conditions. If it's really blowing, reduce sail area.
  • If the wind is light, pull it out all the way.
  • This makes sailing her a REAL JOY! The wide body design makes the Rumba extremely stable and is 3X less likely to capsize.
  • Family groups and larger people will appreciate this boat's performance. Quickly gets up to speed in the lightest of winds yet the powerful sail is easily tamed by the ability to instantly roll away the sail on its SmartRig.

    The Rumba is one of the most versatile high performance small sailboats ever designed. In addition, the hull is made of polyethylene. Extreamly durable and easy to care for.

  • Length (ft): 12.75
  • Width (ft): 5
  • Mast Height (ft): 21
  • Sail Size (sq ft): 82
  • Hull Weight (lbs): 150
  • Maximum Capacity (lbs): 550

    The galvanized trailer is also included. The boat has been garaged much of its life and is in excellent condition.

    Boat sold today.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Escape Rumba, 2001 sailboat

    Escape Rumba, 2001 sailboat

    Escape Rumba, 2001 sailboat

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