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Klepper master, 1960's, Coral Gables, Florida, $3,200, Price reduced 3/19/12 to $2,880, Ad expired

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Klepper master, 1960's

Perfect present for that apartment bound sailor!

Well, here you go! those that know the Klepper brand know how rare this boat is.

  • The Klepper master is in extremely good condition. Known as the three boats in one folding craft.
  • This particular Klepper Master is rigged for sailing.

  • Dimensions are 11'10" beam 4'
  • Weight (approximately) 108 lbs.
  • Color blue deck silver hull.

    Sail rig: 77 sq feet of Dacron sails, spruce mast and booms, weight 42 lbs.

    I have owned this boat for over 20 years and sailed it in Colorado up in the Dillion fresh water reservoir.

  • I moved to Florida but never sailed it in salt water.
  • I now want to get a bigger sailboat (I am looking to get an equal value Boston Whaler harpoon sailboat 5.2) so I can sail with my growing family.

    The skin is in good condition and the air bladders fill up and hold air.

  • The frame is 9.5 out of 10 with a few marks here and there.
  • There are only a few issues with this Klepper Master.
  • First is the rubber stays at the bottom of the boat that hold the wood rods in place. These have deteriorated over time and will need replacement.
  • Klepper north america has these parts and I will order them this week to go home with the new owner.
  • The front plastic water spray protector is clipped on to the cloth material.
  • The clips are stuck to the plastic and not the material so they have to be taken out and replaced to look perfect.
  • One of the wing nuts is missing. I have looked for it, but luckily Klepper North America have these as well!
  • One of the storage bags is also missing. I put the parts that go in that bag in a separate modern bag.
  • Lastly the main sail has a water stain on it. That is it!

    I believe this boat was manufactured sometime in the mid 1960's so it is a classic and will turn heads where ever she goes!

  • She is ready for sailing fun.
  • As you can tell from the pictures I put her together for the photo shoot and I will take it apart for shipping if the buyer is from out of town.
  • If the buyer is in town I will leave her built so when you come to pick her up I can show you how to take her apart.

    I can not calculate shipping but figure $100 for shipping 60lbs to California from Miami so I calculate it at around 250 lbs to ship the boat via USPS.

    All sales are final.

    The Klepper is located in Coral Gables Florida.

    If you want larger pictures of specific areas of the boat just send me a message

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Klepper master, 1960's sailboat

    Klepper master, 1960's sailboat

    Klepper master, 1960's sailboat

    Klepper master, 1960's sailboat

    Klepper master, 1960's sailboat

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