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Megabyte 14, Performance Sailcraft, 2000, Chandler, Arizona, $3,600, Price reduced 1/30/12 to $3,400, Ad expired

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Megabyte 14, Performance Sailcraft, 2000 Hull is battleship grey and deck is off-white. The hull is sparkling and excedingly smooth. The deck has one nickel size scrape in the gelcoat. The blades are blemish free and perfect. $3600

From the Manual:

"The Megabyte is A boat that would fill the demand for a boat in which parents could take their children on the water and teach them how to sail and that could carry some "serious weight" with a proper cockpit laid out for two people, but with the simplicity of a single sail. It would have no wires holding up the mast which would be a lightweight, tapered, carbon fiber tube. It would be a pleasure to sail, i.e. it would be very fast and it would be light enough (130lbs) to throw up on the car top making it a truly recreational product. Finally, and for purely selfish reasons, he wanted a boat that sailors well over 200 lbs could singlehand competitively with rig controls that make the boat easy to de-power - a sort of "Gentleman's Finn!" The fact that the Megabyte is attractive, and a very fast yet stable, exciting boat was a "given" from day one with Bruce Farr and Russ Bowler behind the design of the boat."

HDPE mast collar.

Exclusive, self-draining, mast cavity with high density polyethylene (HDPE) mast step seat. The rotating mast does not touch the cavity walls at the base or at the deck.

  • Padded crew hiking straps with shock chord lift.
  • Vang, outhaul and cunningham controls are lead to cockpit.
  • All cockpit fasteners are machine screws tapped into aluminum backing plates.
  • Padded main hiking straps are adjustable at both ends.
  • Double bailers, fore and aft.
  • Large inspection hatch to access rear storage space.
  • Length 14 ft 3 ins.
  • Beam 5 ft 2 ins.
  • Weight - car top 130 lbs
  • Optimum singlehanded weight 225 lbs
  • Double handed crew weight 200 - 400 lbs
  • Construction GRP/foam sandwich
  • Carbon fiber Spars
  • Foils of Extruded aluminum
  • Sail, 100 sq.ft. cross-cut mylar Dimension Polyant PM05

  • A lightweight aluminum dolly is included.
  • Road Worthy Yard Trailer
  • Sail is in excellent condition
  • Running rigging is in excellent condition.
  • Blades come in a padded bag designed for this boat
  • Full Cover for mast up or down storage
  • Mast cover that can stay on with mast is up.
  • Mast base has some repaired damage that does not affect performance or stability.

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    Video of the Megabyte 14 Click photo to start
    Megabyte 14 VIDEO, click to start

    Megabyte 14, Performance Sailcraft, 2000 sailboat

    Megabyte 14, Performance Sailcraft, 2000 sailboat

    Megabyte 14, Performance Sailcraft, 2000 sailboat

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