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Optimist, 2006, Austin, Texas, $1,800, SOLD 9/20/11

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Optimist, 2006

This Opti #15061 is a 2006 McLaughin "Thursdays series", stiff and in good condition without any cracks.

  • The epoxy blades are fine, without any dents.
  • Comes with two sails, a radial one for beginners and breezy days, and a J-sail for racing.
  • Included a dolly+hull cover, mast collar, club spars, blade and sail bags, spare wind vanes, extra bailers/airbags.
  • Optimists are great sailboats for kids aged 8-15.
  • The boat is fast, it belonged to a young sailor who was on the National team, and it won was a couple of Green Fleet races on the TSA regatta circuit.

    Hi Alison, Can you please remove this ad, the opti was sold on Sunday.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Optimist, 2006 sailboat

    Optimist, 2006 sailboat

    Optimist, 2006 sailboat

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