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Ranger 23, Canyon Lake, Texas, Donation, New home found 10/30/11

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Ranger 23 Donation

For Donation to a sailing organization or for sale and all proceeds donated!

This boat was purchased with the intent of donating it to a sailing club. They couldn't get their act in gear so it is available under the following terms:

  • 1) You must be a non-profit organization.
  • 2) If you are going to buy the boat for yourself for a special purpose (youth sailing, adaptive sailing, etc), I might ask for a donation. The money is going to be donated so make sure your offer is fair.
  • 3) I'll loan you a trailer but that's it. The boat is pulled out of the lake and is ready to travel. You have to bring the trailer back to Canyon Lake and are responsible for any damage or wear along the way. I'll ask for a deposit.
  • 4) You agree to hold me harmless for all the usual stuff.

    The boat is in decent shape and from what the prior owner tells me, it was a good sailing boat less than 8 months ago. I believe it has both sails and should be sea/lake worthy. Ideally, this will go to a sailing club. Please do not contact me if you just want to turn a quick buck.

    New home found

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    Ranger 23 sailboat

    Ranger 23 sailboat

    Ranger 23 sailboat

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