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Seapearl 21, 1986, West Palm Beach, Florida, $4,500, Price reduced 10/1/11 to $3,500, Ad expired

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Seapearl 21, 1986

hull #172

the good:

  • centerboard trunk removed and reglassed in top and bottom (far superior to the original installation that was only glassed on top and had gelcoat filling the seams on the bottom
  • Retro fitted ballast tanks removed, disassembled, cleaned, resealed with 4200 and reinstalled on the boat with screws to the vertical supports and epoxy/cabosil to the hull... not self filling yet but i did it so it can be done in the future... center cockpit painted white...
  • ply/epoxy floorboards between the ballast tanks in the center cockpit
  • fresh varnish on all teak
  • new iron wood tiller, 5ft. beautiful
  • multiple large blisters removed and repaired on the bottom and hull sides
  • fresh micron csc bottom paint
  • fresh awlgrip on the hull sides, medium gray, 2 coats paint and primer
  • lug rig, beautiful yellow sails, plenty of life left
  • wood and aluminum masts and spars, go classy or modern...
  • aft cockpit bimini top with side and back curtains, off white
  • new iron wood bowspirt/anchor roller and 12 lb danforth anchor

    the bad:

  • there is no bad, there is only....

    the ugly:

  • the top cap is so badly blistered and cosmetically rough that it is not worth the effort and cost to fix it and make i look like a new boat, the advantage is that you dont have to constantly worry about scratching a new finish, like i do with the hull sides, i think you will appreciate the functionality and abuse-a-bility.

    i have sailed this boat extensively in the lake worth lagoon/ palm beach ocean area and have made one trip up to jensen beach and back in it sailing from west palm beach. i absolutely love it and will miss greatly, but i am itching to get back to work on my 1963 allied seawind 30' and need the funds to continue... if it does not sell soon i will finish the hard cabin i have started building and sail it down to the keys for a few weeks/months...

    although i have never sailed a pearl with triangle sails, i absolutely love the lug rig and would not trade it for triangles in a second... while reefing is not quite as easy, it is an elegant and simple rig, and both sails have one set of reef points.

    trailer is in average shape, very road worthy, new tires, new bunks and carpet...

    have a early 90's 3 hp yahama (36lbs) i can include if your interested, i have the motor bracket that bolts on the tiller but it is not installed at the moment

    i have a clear title for the boat...

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

    Seapearl 21, 1986 sailboat

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