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Windmill, 15.5, 1968, Morrow, S.W. Ohio, $1,000, SOLD 4/14/11

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Windmill, 15.5, 1968

Greetings from Morrow in SW Ohio.

I'm putting my little homemade Windmill class sailboat up for sale (1968).

It's a fun 15 1/2 foot boat in great condition.

  • It's light enough to move with the slightest breeze.
  • The painted parts are 1/4" marine plywood, and the solid mast, boom, tiller/rudder, center board, stern, and trim are mahogany.
  • It's the prettiest boat on the lake.
  • The pictures were taken last summer.
  • I made a detachable transom to hold a Johnson Twinlight 4 HP motor (early 1970's).
  • This makes the boat good for a lazy picnic or going fishing.
  • I had the motor reconditioned last Fall. It should keep running like a top for years to come.
  • The sails and ropes are in great condition too.

  • The trailer has some rust, but the wheels are new and so are the lights.
  • You also get one new and one old Johnson gas tank, and a travel boat cover.

    $1,000 for the boat and trailer.

    $400 for the motor.

    If you don't want the motor, I'll sell it later.

    Not a bad deal for $1,400. Title in hand.

    My boat was sold.
    Morrow, S.W. Ohio

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    Windmill, 13.5, 1968 sailboat

    Windmill, 13.5, 1968 sailboat

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