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Alberg 30, 1966, Kemah, Texas, $15,500, Ad expired

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Alberg 30, 1966

"A legend in its own time", that's the description John Vigor made about the Alberg 30 in his book Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere. And indeed the Alberg 30 has garnered a huge following with an active community of owners in North America. It's an unmistakably traditional boat with long overhangs, a narrow beam, and a full cutaway keel-attached rudder, a design harkening back to the early 60s that's forgiving to sail and seaworthy enough to cross oceans. The 30-footer has many circumnavigations to its credit, the perhaps the most notable being that of Yves Gelinas, who made an award winning film of his circumnavigation in Jean du Sud."

"The Alberg 30 is classic design from the 1960s period when many boats were transitioning from wood to fiberglass construction. Narrow beam, low freeboard, large overhangs, and a full keel with a cutaway on the forefoot and a rudder directly attached were the order of the day. When looking at the history of how the boat came to be, it's not surprising the design is heavily influenced by the Scandinavian folkboat style, Carl Alberg himself being a Swedish born American."

There is an exhaustive amount of literature available online about this great boat; people the world over seem fascinated with it. Here are a couple of links that are more informative than I could possibly be:

About this specific vessel (Named Sonsy), the most complete info (good and bad) I can give you is available in the results of a survey conducted in 2009. Click here to view the survey

This boat was purchased in 2010 from an individual in Rockport, Tx, who cared for it as if his life depended on it. We have had several great trips on the Sonsy since then, but simply do not use her enough to justify ownership. I feel ashamed to let such a great boat just sit down at the docks, tied up, eagerly wanting to sail the blue gulf. This boat was made to sail. This boat is not for everyone. If you just like to sail the bays or sit tied about in the docks, She will hate you for it. But if you actually sail 'er, in the open blue, she can take you 'round the world and back again, grinnin' (and heeling) all the way.

She is decked out with tons of gadgets and extras, although a the Nav aids are a little outdated, but still work well. Just not the latest and greatest.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I'll do my best to answer them to the fullest extent of my knowledge.

Docked in Kemah, TX.

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Sailboat Photo Gallery

Alberg 30, 1966 sailboat

Alberg 30, 1966 sailboat

Alberg 30, 1966 sailboat

Alberg 30, 1966 sailboat

Alberg 30, 1966 sailboat

Alberg 30, 1966 sailboat

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