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Balboa 21', 1981, Stockton, California, $1,500, SOLD 2/3/12

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Balboa 21', 1981

Sailboat is in fair shape.

  • Needs centerboard cable re-attached. Access is available inside to do this. Centerboard cable is one year old.
  • Centerboard will not drop fully due to 'tabs' welded along side, (not by me!). I've gotten it down some and it will sail. Someone with more time an probably fix this up.
  • There is a modification on trailer frame that can be unbolted so keel can be rotated down most of the way without expensive hoist. But it will take some force.
  • Trailer has new real trailer tires. Will include a spare tire.
  • Alcohol stove, which I've never used.
  • Older sails. Two jibs, one with a torn clue. One main sail. Spinnaker.
  • New bow eye with backing.
  • Running lights work.
  • Cabin and mast head light needs work.
  • VHF handheld old but in good condition.
  • Most through-holes with bolts re-sealed with 3M5200.
  • 5hp mariner in good shape. Usually one pull!
  • Life jackets
  • Two anchors
  • privacy place for a porta-potti
  • New jack on trailer
  • New 2012 sticker
  • Clean title on boat.
  • Clean title on trailer

    This is a usable right now boat that needs some work. But not a lot. It's not tipsy at all. Always felt safe and the boat kept us dry.

    Just wanted to let you know that our Balboa21 has sold.
    Stockton CA

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Balboa 21', 1981 sailboat

    Balboa 21', 1981 sailboat

    Balboa 21', 1981 sailboat

    Balboa 21', 1981 sailboat

    Balboa 21', 1981 sailboat

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