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Classic clinker style fiberglass sailing/rowing dinghy, 9'6", Green Bay, Wisconsin, $1,850, SOLD 3/19/12

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Classic clinker style fiberglass sailing/rowing dinghy, 9'6"

excellent condition, one of a kind

54" beam 150 lbs displacement

All fiberglass, no wood on dinghy

  • unknown manufacturer and date of manufacture, no VIN or coast guard plate on hull (built before these were used)
  • standing lug rig includes spruce mast, yards and tanbark sail
  • mahogany rudder
  • swinging centerboard, not daggerboard
  • 7' oars included with bronze oarlocks
  • three lifting points installed for davits
  • front and rear bouyancy tanks

    I've owned this dinghy for nearly 20 years. My kids learned to sail and row with it. It will last someone a lifetime and is a conversation piece in any port.

    I am located an hour north of green bay wisconsin. I will not ship.

    Alison, please be advised that my dinghy104 has been sold. It was definitely a direct result of sailing texas. Thanks again for everything.
    Green Bay, Wisconsin

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