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Guppy 13, 1975, Lakewood, California, $1,750, SOLD 11/25/12

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Guppy 13, 1975,

  • Lakewood, California

    This is a 1975 Guppy 13 with a 2007 TrailRite trailer. Both the boat and trailer are in excellent condition. I bought this for my grandson and he "wasn't very enthused" about sailing - he's a "motorcycle guy". (we thought his father would help him - but he wasn't enthused either!) We haven't even put it in the water!! I know pretty much nothing about sailing - so I'm not sure what the proper name of this stuff is...

  • So here it is as best as I can...

    It has: current california registrations and titles (as I did that right when I bought it)

  • Two wood paddles
  • An anchor with rope
  • A rudder that hooks on the rear
  • A mast with hardware to attach to boat
  • Sail
  • Wood door to close interior
  • The "hatch" cover to close the top of the door works fine - has hardware to hold it up
  • Nice clean non-ripped cushions on the inside.
  • All the rubber around the portholes and boat are in excellent condition
  • One life jacket
  • Trailer hook-up and lights work fine


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    Guppy 13, 1975, Lakewood, California sailboat

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