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Schock Lido 14, 1968, Suisun City, California, $1,500, SOLD 11/23/12

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Schock Lido 14, 1968,

  • Suisun City, California

  • LOA 14 ft
  • LWL 13 ft 9 in
  • Beam 6 ft
  • Sail area 111 sq ft
  • Mast height 18 ft 7 in

    As the name implies, this boat is 14 feet long.

  • This is a popular racing class sailing dinghy. She's lots of fun to sail, and a good boat for a learner - that's what I was when I bought her!

  • Beam is 4 feet; draft 4ft 3in with centerboard down. (Only 3in, if I remember right, with it up!)

    She is in good condition for a boat of her age; only expected gelcoat cracks, and she has a new forestsay and comes with a spare set of shrouds.

  • Included also are two jibs (one in better condition than the other), a full-size main and a smaller main for those days with more wind. (there may be more sails, but this is what I remember looking at and/or using. Regardless, you get them all.)
  • There is a homemade whisker pole that works just dandy.
  • There is an anchor that I have never used.
  • I refinished the centerboard trunk cap, rudder, and tiller, and reinforced and repainted the transom ( this is all of the wood on the boat except for the tray in front of the cubby), and I keep her clean.

    The trailer is in fair shape. The wheel bearings were repacked right after I bought the boat and have maybe 200 miles on them - I never drive far to sail, and only go out two or three times a year.

    She is in inside storage in Suisun City CA - has been for the last five years.

  • She is registered through 2013.

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    Schock Lido 14, 1968, Suisun City, California sailboat

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