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Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia, $2,500, SOLD 10/5/12

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Westerly 30 Sailboat Project $2,500 with Optional Trailer

A Westerly 30 made in April of 1968 by Westerly Marine Construction Ltd. in Hampshire England. She is a Coast Guard Documented vessel that was built to Lloyds Specifications for sailing in the North Atlantic. She is a unique boat with two ballasted bilge keels and a third bilge keel skeg which allows the boat to sit upright on the bottom at low tide. This arrangement is great for working on the boat or transporting it on a trailer and allows for the shallow draft of only 3'6".

Westerly made a great many boats with over sixty models in production from 1964 through 1975. There are thousands of Westerly boats still under sail and going strong.

There is a very active Westerly Owners Association in England:

A good ad to show what a Westerly 30 could look like and giving many pictures and diagrams is shown at

Note the boat shown above, although the same year, has a different cabin design with more pilot births rather than the optional dinette arrangement.

This boat has been out of the water for several years and requires someone with the time and energy to get her back into Bristol condition. It will require some serious sweat equity to get her back in the water but a minor investment financially will result in a nice 30 ft boat capable of taking you wherever you want to go.

I have had it for only a few months with all good intentions but I found another boat that draws a foot less which better fits my shallow draft docking requirements, so I now have too many boats and this one has to go.

The Good: The boat seems sound and well built and has a lot of unique "salty" features found in British boats of this era. The hull is dry and there is no evidence of any blisters ever. I don't think there is any delaminating on deck. It comes with all the standing rigging, a large box of miscellaneous parts and four bags of sails. The sails are well used and a bit soiled but appear serviceable. There is one zipper-foot main and three hank-on jibs of various sizes. It has a great little gimbaled two burner kerosene stove that is identical to the one Sir Francis Chichester used in his circumnavigation of the world.

Here is a site with his boat/stove::

This one is in a lot better shape than the one shown and has a bunch of spare parts. The boat also has pristine stainless steel water tanks as well as a fuel tank. There is a hatch in the cockpit for easy access to the engine compartment. The boat has a huge amount of storage for extended cruising and is designed for that in mind. The mast is down and the boat is on a trailer ready for transport. The trailer is sold separately see below:

The Bad: There is no engine - none. There is a good three blade prop with shaft and stout cutlass bearing and stuffing box, but no motor. Apparently, some time back, there was a dispute with a mechanic about rebuilding the Yanmar diesel and the engine was never returned. So it is set up for a Yanmar with the control panel and everything but no engine. The decks have been repainted and will need to be done again. The whole boat needs to be cleaned up and put right. All running rigging (halyards and sheets) will need replacing. There are two missing cabin cushions and the others are sailed and worn and little more than patterns for replacements.

The Ugly: The ugliest part about her is the fact that the fabric headliner that was removed and the whole interior cabin top is bare fiberglass with dark dried adhesive on it. It makes the interior rather dingy looking. In My opinion boats should never have fabric liners because they all come loose eventually. My fix was going to be to paint it all white and live with it but the new owner may have other ideas. There are also various spots where water has leaked in, stained, and in some spots de-laminated the outer veneer of the bulkheads. This, I think, can be set right by re-gluing and oiling or varnishing. One panel near the galley will need more repair than that and there may be others.

Here are the Basic Specifications for a Westerly 30:

  • Designer: Denys Rayner
  • Keel: Triple
  • Cockpit: Aft
  • LOA (feet): 30' 2"
  • LWL (feet): 25' 9"
  • Beam (feet): 8' 8"
  • Draft (feet): 3' 0"
  • Weight (lb): 7,020
  • Ballast (lb): 2,800
  • Berths: 6
  • Heads: 1
  • Rig: Sloop
  • Fuel (ltr): 67
  • Main (sq. feet): 187
  • No. 1 Genoa (sq. feet): 242
  • No 1 Jib (sq. feet): 192
  • Sail ID: 30
  • Water (ltr): 180
  • Built: 1966 1968
  • Number Built: 39

    I want to be clear that this boat is 44 years old, sold "As Is" and will require someone with knowledge and energy to restore her but she is a worthy project. I strongly encourage anyone seriously interested to come and see the boat.

    It is now sitting on a six wheel 12,000 pound capacity trailer that has been refurbished to include new electric brake assemblies, wiring, battery, LED lights, paint, decking and four new tires. I bought and rebuilt the trailer to avoid the expense of paying to have the boat moved. The trailer is available for $2,000 firm and comes with loading ramps and two spare tries and rims. This is a substantial, heavy duty trailer that could pay for itself in transportation costs and avoiding storage fees alone. The boat is available for local pickup only. I will be willing to take it to the local marina to have it off-loaded from the trailer but all arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.

    Please do your homework and check these boats out, and ask any questions you may have.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

    Westerly 30, 1968, Onancock, Virginia sailboat

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