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Holder 20, 1982, Seattle, Washington, $3,900, SOLD 12/19/13

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Holder 20, 1982 sailboat / race sport boat for sale

My family / friends and I have cruised all over Puget Sound with this great boat, up to the Canadian Gulf Islands, week long cruises, weekend camp-outs, and lots of day sails with friends. More fun per foot than any other boat I've ever sailed.

This boat is perfect for Puget Sound - enough sail area and an efficient hull shape and foil shape to race and sail extremely well. Most importantly it also 'just' fits under all the bridges from the locks to Lake Washington - my calculations show that the wind vane is 6" shorter than the Fremont Bridge, it is great cruising under the bridge while everyone else waits, and waits. She is dry sailed normally via the marina's crane, but occasionally via its aluminium trailer (new LED lights) and is ready to sail. WA state title for both boat and trailer.

Boat has a v-birth up front for one adult and one child and two quarter births that are >7' long, room for a porta potty if needed, lifting keel, aluminium mast and boom.

  • LOA 20.3'
  • 194 sq ft sail
  • Beam 8'
  • Draft 1' keel lifted, 3.6' bulb keel down
  • 1200lb displacement

    List of Upgrades/Equipment:

  • New Chainplate Aluminium reinforcements connecting shrouds to deck to hull (very important)
  • Almost New (used 5 or 6 times) North Main Sail - custom made for this sailboat (always rolled when stored).
  • New storage access hatch below water line under starboard bunk (I use this for anchor chain-doubles as ballast).
  • New access hatch in port storage compartment (perfectly fits normal wine bottles within).
  • New Harken triple blocks for lift keel. The awful original thru-deck block was sealed with Mass Epoxy and glass, and vacuum bagged professionally. This is a much smoother system now, no rain getting through the deck, no winch needed now to lift keel - I can lift it by hand easily. Entire mast support system removed, cleaned, painted reinstalled professionally.
  • New Schaefer high end (strong but lightweight) aluminium cleats on deck.
  • Most deck hardware rebedded with Sikaflex 291 - nice and dry below. Hull Deck joint also very dry former owner sealed this perfectly - still looks newly sealed.
  • New self-steering mechanism (marine bungee) with quick release RWO block system - works great.
  • Entire bottom completely hard-epoxy paint coated
  • New Stainless Steel mast base for attaching blocks to so lines lead to cockpit - mast base rebedded in Sikaflex 291.
  • New webbing lift system to launch boat via crane (I do so at Shilshole).
  • New Stainless Tangs reinforcing forestay attachment to hull
  • Resealed Teak block for Keel box
  • New stainless lifting eyes in keel box for crane lift system
  • Jiffy reefing system for mainsail - works great.
  • New high end running rigging throughout
  • New roller furling on genoa
  • New blocks for boom vang, new blocks for main traveller.
  • Carbon Ronstan tiller extension
  • Jack lines port and starboard to clip your tether into.
  • All lines lead to cockpit, all lines run through cam cleats, very nice cockpit.
  • Anchor, chain, line, spare lines, fenders, lifejackets, etc.

    Negotiable Extras

  • New roller furling, cutter rigged jib that is half the size of the Genoa. I use this when it is really blowing, or when my kids are aboard and the Genoa is just too much. This is rigged much like the Volvo Ocean 60s - simply pick which size foresail is appropriate. This whole sail is rolled up and can either stay rigged or release the halyard and remove - it is self stayed (i.e. the stay is inside the sail's luff). When removed the Holder 20 is a normal sloop. This sail is great when sailing into and out from marinas or anchorages.
  • Boom Kicker
  • Honda 2hp outboard - all you need for normal use, getting out of the marina, going through the locks, etc.
  • Honda 5hp outboard - nice to have if you are motoring home after a week in Canada
  • Race sails: a Dacron 100% blade jib - great shape, and a 150% Kevlar Genoa very good shape.
  • Brand new - unused asymmetrical Doyle spinnaker
  • Very good Condition symmetrical spinnaker (made for this boat) and pole


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Holder 20, 1982 sailboat

    Holder 20, 1982 sailboat

    Holder 20, 1982 sailboat

    Holder 20, 1982 sailboat

    Holder 20, 1982 sailboat

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