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Pair of Illusion Mini 12, 1983, San Antonio, Texas, $300 for pair, SOLD 12/15/13

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Pair of Illusion Mini 12, 1983

  • $300 for pair
  • San Antonio TX

    Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type: Fractional Sloop

  • LOA: 12.00' / 3.66m LWL: 10.50' / 3.20m
  • Beam: 2.75' / 0.84m Listed SA: 64 ft2 / 5.95 m2
  • Draft (max.) 2.25' / 0.69m Draft (min.)
  • Disp. 700 lbs./ 318 kgs.
  • SA/Disp.: 13.01 Bal./Disp.: Disp./Len.: 269.95 D
  • esigner: Jo Richards & Neil Graham
  • Builder: Illusion Yachts (USA)
  • Construct.: FG Bal. type:
  • First Built: 1981 # Built: 900

    Mini 12' one-design single hander with pedal steering.

  • Ballast can be added or removed from a cavity within keel.
  • Modeled after the Dennis Conner - Ted Turner era America's Cup 12 meter boats.
  • Only the skipper's upper body and head are visible above desk when under sail.
  • These can be your fall/winter project. Pair consists of (2) hulls and (2) masts only.
  • Hulls are in fair to good condition. One mast is bowed, the other is dinged and in (2) pieces.
  • You will need a trailer, sails, rudders, ballast, booms, pumps, standing, running rigging and a significant investment of time, resourcefullness and elbow grease to make these into viable keel boats again.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Pair of Illusion Mini 12, 1983 sailboat

    Pair of Illusion Mini 12, 1983 sailboat

    Pair of Illusion Mini 12, 1983 sailboat

    Pair of Illusion Mini 12, 1983 sailboat

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