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Raider sport, 2003, Lake Conroe, Texas, $3,200, Taken off market 5/5/13

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Raider sport, 2003, Lake Conroe, Texas

  • Two mainsails and spinnakers.
  • Dotan Rudder (a vastly superior rudder for the raider) super securely mounted.
  • The newest mainsail is a square top (these are the only competitive sails on the raider).
  • Spinnaker with two retrieval points (you can actually douse this spin single handed). Two retrieval points enable the spin bag to be shorter with the mouth placed more aft...

    I had a stress crack in the cabin side which was admitting some water. This has been repaired with carbon fiber up top and epoxy under. There are some stress cracks in the hull (and they have been there for years). These are not a problem.

  • The boat is in more or less great condition for its age.
  • Send me email for more photos.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Raider sport, 2003, Lake Conroe, Texas sailboat

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