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Capri 13, 1988, Houston, Texas, $700, SOLD 9/12/14

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Capri 13, 1988

  • Houston, Texas, $700

    Length 13'8", Beam 4'8", Hull weight 128 lbs., and has daggerboard and kick-up rudder.

  • Two dry storage pockets with nylon bags in the forward cockpit bulkhead, for storing personal items: I.E. vehicle keys, camera, license, cash, extra lines, etc.
  • Custom cradle and spar carriers for transporting the mast and boom, on the vessel.

    Original Red, White and Blue sail with approx. 75 sq. ft. surface area, in excellent condition.

  • The sail has a zippered luff and is hoisted on a halyard, which makes a good safety feature.

    Galvanized trailer has a break-over feature, for what that's worth, as I have never needed this feature of the trailer.

    This sleek and fast Capri 13 is easy to sail, and great for both beginners and experienced alike.

  • Sailboat and trailer have been kept in my garage, except while I'm playing / sailing in the water.


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    Capri 13, 1988 sailboat

    Capri 13, 1988 sailboat

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