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Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982, Dallas, Texas, $12,500, Price reduced 7/7/14 to $10,718, Taken off market

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Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982

% of sale goes to THE CHIVE fund.

  • *Some pics are older than the others as pics taken everyday*
  • 1982 Luger Voyager.

    When I first got it I was told it would be quick and easy to get this boat going. However when I got there, this boat salesman tells me he knows nothing about boats but races them.... The story is this. I went in for over a month, 7 days a week 16/20 hour days straight. Not even from this area of texas. I spent 250 hours custom making a headliner that I wasn't totally aware was totally gone despite the pictures I was sent that showed they where there. 1/2" aluminum backed foam sheets. Mounted on 1/2" blocks for slight breathing room. Reinforced for hand strength in rough seas by all the leftover cuts from foam. 0% environmental waste. Extra buoyancy. Easier to heat/cool with shore power. (cement glue. Applies super thin. Super strong).

    Boat did not have shore power. It has shore power now. 30 Amp. Outlet in every room. Designed and laid out with a purpose and thought behind it.

  • Installed by Master Electrician.

    LED lighting. Throughout. 1/2" wide. 25' of LED Lighting inside. All recessed and designed to look as a highlight effect. I don't care for light that hits my eyes. All rooms have their own remote control. This meaning the following.

  • 1)Control level of brightness
  • 2) control flickering.
  • 3) control coordinating different light changing schemes.
  • 4) left side cabin and right side cabin have their own remote. Therefore reducing electrical use when only one side needs to be lit.
  • 5) outside mast and cockpit operate on same remote.
  • 6) 10' of led strips out of visual view in cockpit area. Great mood setter.
  • 7) 25' plus led strip for 35'6" mast.
  • 8) remote for outside light has over a million colors and color patterns, light changing schemes to choose from. Great for red, white, and blue holidays or any other color scheme you want to do. Me? KCCO green.

    I never installed anything on the liner I built. Or by the Windows/hatch ports. Reason being is simple. I needed some good rains to find all the leaks that might suprise me. Thats all been fixed. Just hardware going through the bulkhead. I used 5200 Marine grade sealant on any hole. $12.00 a tube. Times lots of Windows and hardware. With generous use. Not fun stuff by any means or cheap. But a must.

    Brand new rudder made. I personally cut this to dimensions to ensure perfection. Its been fiberglassed. I used 3/4" plywood and doubled up on it. Far superior than the original. I have pictures of all work. Start to finish.

    Bottom paint has just been done. This boat has not sat in the water since bottom job was done. You're good for several years for sure, in freshwater.

    Top paint has top of the line paint. Bright white. 2 coats. Just finished.

  • All teak wood is cleaned and staind.
  • The plumbing has been redone entirely. All new. Has two freshwater tanks. At least 45 gallons.
  • The all important swing keel. This is designed to float and stay afloat. Also handy to swing that keel up and land in a couple of feet to beech it. Brand new stuffing box. Super important. Not fixed. Not repaired. But replaced. Awesome in board diesel. I actually sealed off whole engine compartment. That's dedication. But that engine area... you will be amazed at how much room it has.
  • Ice box works. Last a week with one turn on. Its big. Trust me.
  • Refrigerator. I just put one in their. I prefer my beer cold :)
  • New kitchen sink? It's got it.
  • New toliet? Check. Sadly I haven't even broke it in yet. *sigh*
  • A/C? Yes. However it was a temp set up as the guy who sold it to me gave me substandard unit. But I would love to install another one just for you. Must receive payment in shiner or above beer. Stella?
  • Trade for land and or property? Cash?
  • Dallas area

    See this video of the Interior LED lights Luger Voyager 1982

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

    Luger Voyager, 30ft. 1982 sailboat

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