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Megabyte, Mark 1, 2002, Oak Park, Illinois, $3,200, SOLD 8/13/14

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Megabyte, Mark 1, 2002

  • with Aluminum Trailex Trailer with excellent condition.

  • Performance Sailcraft Canadian built white hull and white deck.
  • All rigging, spars, and sail in excellent condition.
  • 14 foot LOA.
  • Located in Oak Park, IL outside of Chicago.
  • $3200 OBO.
  • Willing to sell for less without the trailer as the hull is car - toppable as well.
  • Designed by Bruce Farr.

    Abridged Review -

  • "This is a boat that combines performance with a greater weight-carrying capacity. We are talking serious weight here. In fact, at 225 pounds, I am at exactly the target crew weight for this design.
  • The result is a big singlehanded dinghy with a 14-foot, 3-inch LOA and 5 foot, 2 inches of beam. These proportions give the MegaByte stability and, more importantly, the sail-carrying power to allow it to be muscled up in the sail-area department. The displacement of the MegaByte also means you can have friends with you on this dinghy.
  • The bigger hull (bigger than a Laser's) allows the MegaByte to have a real cockpit with an average depth of 15 inches. The sides of the cockpit well bond to the bottom of the boat, so there is no cockpit sole per se. This is a comfortable cockpit and much easier on the knees than the shallow well of a Laser. You will also stay drier on this boat due to the increase in freeboard.
  • The mast is carbon fiber and the sail is Mylar. There is 20 more square feet to this sail than on a Laser, but hull weights are listed as identical. Upwind in flat water the Laser can give the MegaByte a run for its money, but once you turn the corner, the extra length of the Byte works to make it faster off the wind. A unique bungy cord in the luff of the Mylar sail allows for good sail draft control. This allows a sail with generous luff roach to match the bendy stick. There is also a traveler. Both the daggerboard and the dagger rudder are built from aluminum extrusions.
  • The size of the Megabyte makes it suitable for family daysailing. As a training boat it has the advantage of allowing both student and instructor aboard at the same time. The boat is fitted with an additional set of hiking straps forward for the crew."


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    Megabyte, Mark 1, 2002 sailboat

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