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Pram, Houston, Texas, $950, Ad expired

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Pram, Houston, Texas

This very appealing vessel was crafted by a woodworking instructor with fine attention to detail. The gunnels are stripped with wood and brass, and the rudder and center board have a protective brass strip as well. She is very stable to row.

I believe that it was based on the nutshell pram design because it measures 9'6" overall length, and slightly shorter at the waterline, just as the nutshell pram does.

Everything included in a build-your-own pram sailing kit is included, and additionally includes the sail as well. The only thing you would need are the lines (halyard and sheet).

Everything is in excellent condition. There are a couple of spots that should be sanded and painted as preventative maintenance on the hull.


  • 9'6" Extremely charming rowing and sailing vessel
  • Unused sail
  • Mast
  • Boom
  • Gaff
  • Rudder
  • Centerboard
  • 2 new oars
  • $950

    The nutshell pram kit goes for $2500.

    I am very much in love with this boat, but I am moving and don't have space for her

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Pram, Houston, Texas sailboat

    Pram, Houston, Texas sailboat

    Pram, Houston, Texas sailboat

    Pram, Houston, Texas sailboat

    Pram, Houston, Texas sailboat

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