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Sea Pearl 21, 1984, Mobile, Alabama, $5,000, SOLD 8/10/14

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Sea Pearl 21, 1984

I have to sell my Sea Pearl 21. I hate to, but health issues forces me to sell it. I have a lot of fun in this boat and will miss it, but so it goes.

It has a 5 year old paint job in Blue and white, with custom graphics.

It comes with the old but very serviceable sails plus a 1 year old set of large sails and a Mizzen Staysail as well. Sorry, but the pictures show the old sails, but the new Staysail...I haven't been able to sail and get good pics of the new sails, but can send some if asked for....

It also has a set of 9' oars that are essentially new and have very little use. It sits on a very nice galvanized trailer that has a 2" hitch.

It has a couple of scratches in the hull paint but will be very easy to repair, it's not perfect, but it is in excellent shape.

No canvas cabin...I use a tarp over the main boom with clamps when cover is needed at night.

I have a 2hp Honda, but it is used with another boat. I will sell it for a bit more to close the sale if needed

The boat is well known about the small trailer boat circles and is sought after for it ability to handle and seas that much larger boats would never leave the dock in. I just had it out last week in 25+ knots of wind in Pensacola and was never in any danger nor fear from swamping nor capsize.

Go from trailer to sailing in less than 10 minutes because of the simple and reliable rig the boat uses. You can single hand her as well as carry 5-6 folks with ease.

You won't be sorry if you're looking for a boat like this. It is sound and reliable and ready to take you and friends on it's next adventure.

Price is 5,000.00, but may consider another boat such as a nice C-22.


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Sailboat Photo Gallery

Sea Pearl 21, 1984 sailboat

Sea Pearl 21, 1984 sailboat

Sea Pearl 21, 1984 sailboat

Sea Pearl 21, 1984 sailboat

Sea Pearl 21, 1984 sailboat

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