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SkiBreeze, 18.3, 1960, Eastham, Massachusetts, $800, SOLD 8/5/14

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SkiBreeze, 18.3, 1960

An unusual Swedish daysailer designed to double as a power boat -- Fantastic family boat!

  • Eastham, MA
  • $800 or best offer


  • Boat, with sails and all rigging
  • Relatively new trailer
  • 25hp Evinrude motor


  • Designed specifically to provide satisfying performance as both sailboat and power boat
  • Ideal family boat due to its versatility, size and a roomy cockpit that can comfortably fit a family of 5
  • Hull shape is designed to plane quickly so it is a quick boat that can go fast whether under sail or power
  • Great daysailer that can be easily transported on the relatively new trailer
  • Shallow draft with a retractable centerboard
  • Full rear transom supports up to a 35hp motor
  • Rudders tip up for use as a power boat
  • Wood and brass steering wheel and motor controls installed so that the boat can be run from the front of the cockpit


  • Fiberglass hull
  • LOA - 18.3'
  • Beam - 5.9'
  • Draft -- 1.0' min; 3.67' w/ full centerboard
  • Mast length is 22' - 24'
  • Sail Area - 161.4 sq ft
  • Displacement - 750 lbs
  • Build in Sweden around 1960 or '61.


  • Boat and trailer stored up on blocks for 8 - 10 years under a tarp
  • Fiberglass hull and topsides seem solid, but could use a new gelcoat
  • Sails, boom, rigging and other hardware have been stored in a locker along with the 25hp Evinrude motor
  • Motor is probably 25 years old and was well cared for
  • Trailer (10 - 12 years old) looks to be in great shape and the wheels turn freely
  • Main and jib may be the original sails that came from Uddevalla, Sweden


  • This SkiBreeze belonged to my father and is the boat I learned to sail on. As a youngster, I even water-skied behind it (a strange sight when you notice the mast!).
  • The boat was purchased new sometime around 1960 - 61 and was frequently used for sailing, fishing and trips to the beach.
  • It has not been sailed for the past 8 - 10 years and none of the family members can use it.
  • My hope is to see it go to a family that will take care of it and appreciate it for its unique ability to provide deliver whether under sail or power.


  • The SkiBreeze boats were designed and built by Gusta (Gus) Erikson at the Scandia Boatyard in Uddevalla, Sweden.
  • This was apparently one of the first fiberglass-hulled boats to be built in Sweden and was in production from around 1957 until 1965.
  • For those who know the boat, the SkiBreeze has a following and a great reputation for having achieved a truly enjoyable compromise in a sailboat that doubles as a power boat.

    In-Water Photos

  • I have included pictures of the hull to get a good sense of the boat. Here is a link to some pictures of a restored one that someone sold last year for $3,400: See here


  • I am happy to answer questions, but I would appreciate it if you would only contact me if you are seriously interested and want to learn more


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    SkiBreeze, 18.5, 1960 sailboat

    SkiBreeze, 18.5, 1960 sailboat

    SkiBreeze, 18.5, 1960 sailboat

    SkiBreeze, 18.5, 1960 sailboat

    SkiBreeze, 18.5, 1960 sailboat

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