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Sunfish, 1983, Panama City, Florida, $1,500, SOLD 8/24/14

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Sunfish, 1983

Great 1980's 'modern' edition of the Sunfish (original gel coat) with the rear open storage compartment, also has the Sunfish Auto Drain/Bailer.

  • Light weight, 130lbs. 14' X 4' X 1'.
  • Sail/Mast. Sail is 75 Sq Ft, the Sail Shop Professionally improved the shape back to original.
  • An extra Sail/Mast from Minifish comes with it, great for extremely windy days. Sail is 65 Sq Ft.
  • Trailer was Professionally reconditioned to the latest trailer standards. Uses 2" Ball.
  • Ropes, Pulleys, Locking Cleat.
  • Centerboard and Rudder were recently re-sanded and varnished.
  • 6" Diameter covered Viewing/Venting Port up in front(also holds nylon ditty too).
  • Extra metal reinforcement around swivel bracket connecting Tiller to Rudder

    This was a well maintained 'almost part of the family' Sailboat and we had the best of times in life out on it for many years, a real sense of Freedom. But unfortunately, a few other some reasons have come up to where I need to sell this boat.

    Panama City, FL

    local sell/pickup


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Sunfish, 1980s sailboat

    Sunfish, 1980s sailboat

    Sunfish, 1980s sailboat

    Sunfish, 1980s sailboat

    Sunfish, 1980s sailboat

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