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Viper 15', San Angelo, Texas, $500, Price reduced 6/26/15 to $450, Ad expired

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Viper 15'

  • w/Trailer

    Designed by John P. Fillip

  • Fillip Mfg. Co., San Angelo, TX
  • $450 OBO
  • Located near San Angelo, TX
  • LOA 15'
  • BEAM 4' 6"
  • Hull Weight ~200 LBS
  • Trailer and boat are not titled.

    The designer, Mr. Fillip was an avid racer and his designs were all about excitement on the water whether pleasure or regattas. This Viper is #8 out of about 275 built and probably built about 69-70. The earlier Vipers had a storage box built into the deck immediately in front of the dagger-board. The area aft of the dagger-board on the early decks was said to look like someone fell and left a big butt impression in the foot well. This was updated in the early 70's and removed from the deck design. You can see both variations in pictures on The Viper could also be set up with a main sail only or you could add the option for a jib. This boat has what appears to be the original main sail and without any holes or tears. The jib doesn't look like it was used much and is still crisp and like new. The woodwork also appears original and very well cared for. The rigging looks mostly original with some user added or replaced hardware which is not marine quality. The hull and deck need some TLC but this Viper is could be sailed as is. The boat doesn't look like it as ever been registered; no registration numbers or indication numbers were on the hull. When this boat was built registration was not require by Texas Parks and Wildlife. I don't know who the previous owners but it appears it was stored for a long time. I'm amazed at how well this boat has been kept up. The trailer will need a complete going through to get it road worthy. This boat has been floating around San Angelo, Texas since it was built. The current owner does not have any papers to prove ownership other than a bill of sale. This boat would make a great boat for a beginner moving up from a lateen rig.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Viper 15' sailboat

    Viper 15' sailboat

    Viper 15' sailboat

    Viper 15' sailboat

    Viper 15' sailboat

    Viper 15' sailboat

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