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Albin 25, 1970, Onancock Virginia, $3,000, Ad expired

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Albin 25, 1970

This is a nice boat for very cheap. It will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

  • There are a few projects but it could put you in an economical cruiser to do the "Loop" or any other journey.
  • These boats were built in Sweden to withstand the North Sea.

    This is why I am selling her:

  • I have an Albin27 Family Cruiser about a third of the way around the "Great Loop"
  • It is up at the end of the Erie Canal in storage awaiting more travels next spring.
  • Before I acquired the A-27 I bought this Albin 25 and began fixing her up for a Great Loop trip thinking that it was my "Terminal Boat". Well a neighbor of mine let me have his A-27 at a much reduced price that I couldn't refuse and I bought her.

    Basically I am "boat poor" and need to sell the A-25 so I can continue my travels on the A-27.

  • I know it is a little schizophrenic.
  • Whoever ends up with both an Albin 25 and an Albin 27?
  • I confess to having a problem and I am working on it. Maybe a 12 step program will help.

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    Albin 25, 1970 sailboat

    Albin 25, 1970 sailboat

    Albin 25, 1970 sailboat

    Albin 25, 1970 sailboat

    Albin 25, 1970 sailboat

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