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Hobie Tiger catamaran, 2004, 18', Carlyle, Illinois, $8,000, Price reduced 4/21/17 to $4,500, Keeping boat

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Hobie Tiger catamaran, 2004, 18'

  • Located in a storage barn in Carlyle IL

    This is a great boat for someone wanting to get into the F18 class.

    I purchased it from a sailor in my fleet. He is a winning skipper and the original owner and had added spinnaker chute and other racing extras to the boat. Besides being race ready, he is know for taking good care of his boats. I do not have the expertise do these things and only bought this boat because I knew it was in perfect shape in 2007. It has stayed that way, because it turned out to be too much boat for me and I was only comfortable in 10 knot breezes or less. I raced it in light air the past 7 years. It has always been stored in doors during the winter. It has spent summers at our sailing club with only a 15 mile round trip of trailing each year to the storage barn. Tramp was covered when not in use. It has been to salt water for several regatta with the previous owner, who always hosed it off afterwards. It has been waxed yearly and shows no oxidation. It has always been launched and retrieved from the water on a beach dolly with cradles. This boat has led a very easy life.

    It is not missing any parts nor is anything broken. The hulls have no soft spots. The square top mylar main and Dacron jib are original but with no tears or stains. It has an old but useable spinnaker, a brand new spinnaker, both full size and a very new 75% spinnaker (custom made by Glaser Sails) for your light weight crew or heavy wind days. Sails were always stored rolled in bags. The two new spinnakers have been SailKoted. One piece snuffer pole and sock works beautifully. Included are: light weight tiller extension, auto tacking jib, which is roller reefed, double trap, and all Harken blocks (don't know the purchase but down haul and main were easy enough for me to use). Everything is adjustable and convenient from trapeze. I have the title.

    The tramp was damaged early in its life but repaired and holding perfectly. A dime size hole in gel coat professionally repaired and does not show. The only complaint I have about this boat is that it is too fast downwind.

    The trailer is serviceable but not as nice as the boat. It has bearing buddies and has been adapted to support the rear end of the mast. Tires were new 5 years ago and have less than a 100 miles. I have the trailer title.

    Call for more info

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    Hobie Tiger catamaran, 2004, 18' sailboat

    Hobie Tiger catamaran, 2004, 18' sailboat

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