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Irwin 27, 1967, Marathon, Florida, $12,000, SOLD 5/18/15

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Irwin 27, 1967

  • Say hello to Guacamole!

    She is a 1967 Irwin 27 that has been put through the paces, inside and out. Truly, there is nothing still original on this boat waiting to fall apart. Over the past four years an extensive list of refits and updates have been accomplished (too many to list here). Furthermore, this boat has been lived-on and cruised actively, so everything aboard has been well maintained. In the past year alone, over 4000 miles of ocean have passed beneath her keel, both in the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas--two cruising grounds where her attributes really shine. She is snappy in light winds and her fully restored swing-keel allows for excellent shallow-water access. There is absolutely no issue with finding a suitable hurricane hole for this boat should the need arise.

    She comes equipped with high-quality essentials for living and cruising, while avoiding the problematic headaches associated with creature-comfort systems. The boat is clean, comfortable, and capable--hopefully the photos speak for themselves. They are extremely recent and have nothing to hide.

    Some highlights include:

  • Harken sailing hardware throughout
  • Reworked sails and spares all in good condition
  • Brand new standing rig, from the chainplates up
  • Self-sufficient solar system with all new wiring and electronics throughout
  • Over-sized ground tackle
  • Properly backed and bedded hardware, no leaks

    We upgraded to a bigger boat so its time to pass Guac onto her next adventure. She lives in Marathon in the Florida Keys. As you can see from the photos, she is primed and ready for a new owner to fill her holds. Move on today, sail away tomorrow!


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

    Irwin 27, 1967 sailboat

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