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Kraken 25, Mahogany Trimaran, 1976, Azle, Texas, $7,500, Price reduced 4/25/16 to $4,950, Ad expired

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Kraken 25, Mahogany Trimaran, 1976

  • 1 owner $4,950 or Best Offer

    This one of a kind, 25' trimaran was hand-built from a purchased set of Lock Crowther plans, and modified to allow folding of the arms for trailering (see picture). The boat has been kept indoors whenever not being sailed, and this is strongly recommended for the new owner as well (Sun/weather will certainly ruin the finish over time). The construction technique is Cold-molded 3-ply mahogany with fiberglass and epoxy covering.


  • Length = 25 ft.,
  • beam = 14 ft. (8' on trailer),
  • weight approx. 975 pounds, main hull depth = 2 feet,
  • draft approx. 6".
  • Centerboard extends 5' below bottom of hull.
  • Sail area = 300 square feet.
  • Two trapeze harnesses on each side.
  • the main is 163 sq. ft. and the jib is 136 sq. ft.

    She is a very fast sailboat, lifting the outboard pontoon even in light winds.

  • With the aid of the trapezes, she can easily sail over 20 knots. In heavy winds, the front sail can be furled and the main can be sheeted to improve stability.
  • She has only been sailed in Texas fresh water lakes, never salt or briny water, and is in overall good shape with only a few minor cosmetic repairs needed.
  • Thompson water seal has been used on the insides of the pontoons and arms to eliminate internal degradation of the wood.
  • The trailer shown in the picture is in good shape and has new tires.
  • The boat is located in Azle, Texas (just west of Fort Worth).

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    Trimaran 25 sailboat

    Trimaran 25 sailboat

    Trimaran 25 sailboat

    Trimaran 25 sailboat

    Trimaran 25 sailboat

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