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Windrider 17, 2007, Lake Champlain, Essex, New York, $7,995, SOLD 4/19/15

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Windrider 17, 2007

  • Fully Modified for Adventure Cruising - $7995

    Boat is on a trailer in Essex, NY on Lake Champlain. I have adventure cruised this boat for 6 seasons - mostly on Lake Champlain. Almost all of my sailing has been is fresh water. I also sailed out of Key West to the Marquesas, spent a week in the OBX on Core Sound, and made three trips to the North Channel of Lake Huron. After almost every trip, I made modifications on the boat, until it became a perfect adventure cruising boat. See links to on-line articles and videos below.

    Reason for selling: Wife and I have relocated to Chicago for a three year period.

    Modifications have improved the boat in a number of critical areas:

  • Ability to handle rough weather. The main can be dropped, reefed or raised in high winds.
  • The boat will lie close to the wind with the main out and the rudder to windward in any weather I have encountered. Skipper can have lunch, move about the boat, deal with tangled lines.
  • Ability to sail dry in almost all conditions. Full trampolines, double windshields, spray shields, an adjustable height motor mount, spray skirts keep the skipper dry and warm.
  • Comfort. Double benches on both sides of the main hull. Option to steer from front cockpit. Means that the skipper can move around while sailing. Safety. Mid boom main sheeting, keeps the main sheet from getting tangled and allows instant release of the sheet. Extra flotation in amas. Access port for spare bilge pump. Running lights. Double anchors with extra cleats. Ability to camp comfortably on board. On board camping area under tent stays dry in any weather I have encountered, is well ventilated, has separate bunk, comfortable seating, extra room for storage.

    Full details and photos here

  • 2007 Windrider 17 - Blue (purchased new in 2008)
  • 2008 2 HP Honda motor - long shaft
  • Black and white sails (main and roller furling jib) - with sail covers
  • Carbon fiber bowsprit with roller furling reacher (factory set up) and custom whisker lines with Johnson tensioner - with sail cover
  • Custom full-width tramps with fore and aft aluminum struts for outboard support (also provide spray protection).
  • Four lightweight aluminum benches outboard of main hull with non-skid - can be configured for camping on-board.
  • Instrument panel with integrated windshield and hand support for transferring between front and rear cockpits
  • Front and rear cockpit covers
  • Factory trailer - Offset forward mast support to accommodate bowsprit. New tires in 2014


  • Length 17'4"
  • Beam 13'4"
  • Ama length 14'
  • Beam on Trailer 8'6"
  • Weight 320 lbs (bare boat)
  • Mast height 20'
  • Mast height above water 22'
  • Mainsail area 96 sq. ft.
  • Jib sail area 43 sq. ft.
  • Reacher sail area 86 sq. ft.
  • Draft 18"
  • Capacity 800 lbs.
  • Designer - Jim Brown and Windrider

    Sails and rigging

  • Mid-boom sheeting with 3' Harken Traveller
  • Boom internally reinforced with PVC pipe and fiberglass spacers
  • Ronstan swivel block and cleat for excellent control of main halyard
  • Sail slides on main
  • Lazy jacks that also act as a topping lift
  • Outhaul with double purchase
  • (Can put in a reef or shake out a reef even in high winds)
  • Downhaul with double purchase
  • New mast in 2012 with heavy duty attachment for reacher stay.
  • Pennant line for flying a flag.
  • Mast head wind vane
  • Bowsprit has whisker lines added with a Johnson tensioner.


  • Motor mount has custom height adjuster to keep motor out of the water when sailing
  • Custom tray integrated in mount for 1 gallon gas can (new in 2014)
  • Engine spare parts including prop and extra carburetor


  • Tiller-tamer on rear hull to adjust steering tension
  • Custom steering rods with fittings for handles allow hand steering from front or rear cockpit

    Storage capacity added:

  • Two storage compartments with access hatches in the floor.
  • Forward floor modified for easy access
  • 4" access ports in amas upgraded to 6" ports
  • 6" PVC storage units on both sides of the main hull - will rotate and seal to keep out rain and spray


  • Flotation added to each ama - fore and aft.
  • Internal bilge pump - operates from rear cockpit.
  • Access hatch for back up bilge pump
  • Forward running light (installs on bowsprit)
  • Rear running light (can be used for anchor light)
  • Lightweight paddle

    Camping on-board - benches can be configured to create a bunk on starboard and seating on port inside tent.

  • Mutha Hubba lightweight tent with aluminum poles and rainfly (new in 2011)
  • Skirt that seals around cockpit to keep out rain and bugs
  • Custom PVC spring loaded clamp secures skirt to cockpit
  • Extra tent footprint for setting up tent on land if needed
  • Rear cockpit screen and rain cover

    Spray protection.

  • Full Murphy design windshield for front cockpit.
  • Unique small windshield for rear cockpit
  • Half spray skirt and full spray skirt for rear cockpit.
  • Custom kayak waterproof soft cover for front cockpit
  • Spray shields for rear cockpit.

    Anchoring/ Docking

  • Small lightweight Danforth with chain and 100 rode
  • Danforth mounted forward for ease of access.
  • Additional cleat on forward deck for anchor line.
  • 2nd CQR anchor with 100' of rode (with bag for rode)
  • Stern cleat and guides for rear anchor rode.
  • Dock lines.

    Other accessories;

  • 2nd seat for forward cockpit
  • Flag pole and flag with rear mount

    I wrote up many of these adventures.

  • North Channel trip
  • North Channel trip
  • Short last Sail video:
  • SOLD

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Windrider 17, 2007 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2007 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2007 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2007 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2007 sailboat

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