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Windrider 17, 2009, Redding, California, $6,800, SOLD 9/28/15

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Windrider 17, 2009

Excellent condition WR17.

  • Sails are in excellent shape as is all the running and standing rigging.
  • This boat needs nothing but a small motor (if you even want one).
  • Not necessary at all depending on your intended use. If you do opt to attach a small outboard (long shaft), there is a mount I made that comes off the custom aluminum rails that I installed on each side of the boat.
  • These rails are an awesome addition to a WR17. Check out the forums about this.
  • I have also made a mast raising system to make raising the mast a simple thing when solo sailing. Raising the mast is even more simple with a partner.
  • Also included is the removable plexiglass windshield for the front cockpit.
  • The trailer comes with the boat as well.
  • It's nothing special but it gets the job done.


  • Length 17'4"
  • Beam 13'4"
  • Ama length 14'
  • Beam on Trailer 8'6"
  • Weight 320 lbs (bare boat)
  • Mast height 20'
  • Mast height above water 22'
  • Mainsail area 96 sq. ft.
  • Jib sail area 43 sq. ft.
  • Draft 18"
  • Capacity 800 lbs.
  • Designer - Jim Brown and Windrider

    Email with any questions. I'd be glad to show a buyer how to rig everything up. However, I'm not interested in taking the time to "test sail" the boat. The person who buys this boat will likely know what they are getting with a WR17 so that would not be necessary. The reason I don't use it more is I just don't have the time. Wish I did! It is truly the funnest boat I have ever sailed!

  • Thanks!


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Windrider 17, 2009 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2009 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2009 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2009 sailboat

    Windrider 17, 2009 sailboat

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