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Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17', classic Piranha, with sail rigging and trailer, Muncie, Indiana, $675, Ad expired

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Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17'

Totally original pair of pontoons. Sail, spars and rudder from a Sailfish/Sunfish. Swift and Beautiful.

  • Muncie, Indiana
  • with sail rigging and trailer.
  • $675.

    My prized Sailing Canoe began as a rugged "plastic sandwich" constructed Piranha canoe.

  • I designed and built the matched pair of pontoons with a core of pine, temp masonite, styrofoam blocks, and quartered pool noodles.
  • The original layers of fiberglass are now covered with tough bed-liner rubber.
  • The perfect sail kit (sail, spars, and rudder) came from a Sailfish/Sunfish.
  • The decking and steering yoke are plywood. The pair of African Mahogany leeboards rise and fall as one, and perform wonderfully.
  • I employed a steering yoke system with a push-pull "tiller" on each side.
  • One of those has a very unique spring-and-blade device that locks the rudder's position whenever you set that tiller down.

    This sailing canoe includes two plastic fishing-boat seats on special "reclining" wooden bases.

  • You can sail this boat easily from either the center or stern position.
  • It is designed for one or two adults, and has plently of storage space, which stays fairly dry even when the sailing is sporty.

    The double-thickness PVC "akas" (pontoon arms) provide the perfect amount of flex.

  • As the wind starts to lean the canoe to the side, the leeward pontoon gives buoyancy while the other has enough weight to provide a "hiking out" effect; the result is that the canoe planes readily and remains practically level side-to-side, even with brisk wind and swift speed.

    The trailer is rugged and roadworthy, with good tires.

    While parts of this sailing canoe rig show surface evidence of a few years' service, it remains ready to provide many more years of delightful sailing.

  • Be prepared for the frequent appearance of curious and envious friendly strangers.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17' sailboat

    Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17' sailboat

    Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17' sailboat

    Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17' sailboat

    Canoe, Sailing Canoe, 17' sailboat

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