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Carrera 290, 1994, Diamondhead, Mississippi, $14,500, Price reduced 7/21/16 to $13,000, SOLD 7/31/16

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Carrera 290, 1994

  • Diamondhead, Mississippi, $13,000

    PINOCCHIO is a full out racer.

  • 2950 pounds.
  • S/A of 32.7.
  • Finn keel with bulb.
  • Full specifications on Sail Data.
  • To win you need a good crew and keep the boat upright.
  • There is a learning curve. But once you are dialed in you probably will outpoint anything you have ever sailed on.

  • Almost new Schuur Technora 155, Blade, and Main; and .6 oz. Chute. New Mylar #2,
  • Older Kevlar Heavy #1, Light #1, #2, Blade, and Main; and two .6 oz. Chutes. (I quickly learned you have to sail with the good stuff to be competitive.)
  • New jib and spin sheets.
  • Well used but functional Veloctek.
  • Carbon Fiber Spinnaker pole and Forespar Aluminum Whisker Pole.
  • 2.5 HP Yamaha on removable bracket.
  • Anchor and rode to satisfy the rules committee.
  • Good 4 wheel trailer with spare and dock box. It has a registration and a tag. Good rubber. Tows great although at 30' long it's a sizable package.
  • Rigging equipment for single point lift. Rigging equipment to raise and lower mast.

  • And the equipment list goes on and on
  • Trinidad SR Pro bottom paint burnished before launch Feb 2015. Boat has been wet sailed on Lake Pontchtrain. Diver cleaned on 3 month contract and before major races.
  • At PHRF 102, boat sails competitively with Megles 24s; beats some, loses to some. Boat owns J-80s. Sailed non spin New Orleans to Mandeville in May 2015. Won 20 miler by 14 minutes. Unheard of. Hey, don't blame me - good boat, good crew, good sails, and clean bottom.

    I am selling because at 74 it's getting to be too much work. A trawler beckons.

    The boat is now on the trailer in Diamondhead. That's on I-10 near Gulfport. Load the sails and outboard and it's ready to tow


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Carrera 290, 1994 sailboat

    Carrera 290, 1994 sailboat

    Carrera 290, 1994 sailboat

    Carrera 290, 1994 sailboat

    Carrera 290, 1994 sailboat

    Carrera 290, 1994 sailboat

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