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Devoti One (D-One), 2012, Houston, Texas, $13,000, Ad expired

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Devoti One (D-One), 2012

  • Length 13' 11"
  • Weight 165 pounds, complete
  • Location Houston, TX


  • The Devoti One (D-One) is an exciting single-handed skiff. Cat rigged with an asymmetric spinnaker. The boat has wings to sit on for hiking - no trapeze. Mainsheet traveler track. Carbon everything, world-class construction and fittings. See for more information and pictures of the boat.

    This 2012 D-One is in exceptional condition - essentially brand new. If you are looking for a boat in perfect condition, this is it.

  • Purchased new, shipped to USA in container
  • Sailed 10 times total
  • No damage - hull, rudder and dagger board are virtually perfect
  • Green hull, black deck, white interior, you’ll never see a D-One as pretty as this one
  • "Verde" name is vinyl which peels off without leaving a trace
  • Always had indoor storage (storage locker) - no sun, no rain, no wind, no mildew, no bugs, no grass clippings from lawn mowers, etc.
  • Both full-size mainsail and small mainsail, 2 top mast sections long and short, great for heavy wind days and learning
  • Spinnaker - green of course
  • Extended wings with extra length toward stern (became standard later)
  • Raised spine on floor - runs fore-aft on center-line from traveler track to stern. Sticks up 2 inches - extremely helpful to brace your feet
  • Covers for everything - all 3 mast sections, boom, dagger board, rudder, wings, top hull cover, full hull cover
  • Carbon hiking stick
  • Trailer - New with boat, full size spare tire, 2" ball
  • Dolly sits on top of trailer, boat sits on top of dolly, stainless roller on aft edge of trailer, dolly hand cart works with both dolly and trailer
  • Trailer lights - rear permanent set, side yellow set, one removable set very wide set, all bright LED, standard 3+1 prong American connector

    The first time the boat jumped up on a plane, I almost fell out the back from the acceleration !!! Changing boats because I need something the spousal unit and I can enjoy together.

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    Devoti One (D-One), 2012 sailboat

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