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Scandinavian Faering, 2009, Row and Sail Raid Boat, Long Island, New York, Back on market 2/28/17 at $7,200, SOLD 3/1/17

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Scandinavian Faering


  • LOD: 19'2"
  • LWL:16'9"
  • Beam: 63"
  • Draft: 7", or 42 1/2"
  • Sail area: Main 108 Blanced Lug Rig, mizzen 18, total 122sqf
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • $7,200

    Construction: Glued Lapstrake (6 strakes to a side), Steam bent yellow cedar frames. Epoxy and graphite on centerboard and Rudder to make it very smooth surface. Rivet construction and bronze fittings.

    Sails: Made by Douglas Fowler. Spars: All Carbon Fiber, they weigh in at 13 pounds and float. Mast is Carbon Fiber. Plasma lines (which don't stretch) and double purchase downhaul allows for very fine control of the main and the sail shape will not change over time due to no line stretch. Carbon Fiber Lug O Mutten Mizzen also for easy single person handling; keeps you pointed in the wind so you can take a break, lower and raise the mast. All spars go into the boat very well and are off to the sides to clear for rowing.

    Includes: Sliding Seats (Arguably the best sliding seat unit in the sport-Piantedosi.) "The Piantedosi monorail design is simple, elegant, and stiff, with an exceptionally smooth slide. Multiplies the horsepower of a human being by bringing to bear nearly every muscle in your body. Sliding seat boats offer absolutely terrific low-impact cardio workouts." Shaw and Tenney oars (world's original scull oar) which I covered in Fiberglass to make more durable. Come complete with shaft protection and stops.

    Comments: Meticulous and traditional design with riveted lapstrakes and bronze hardware. Look up this boats builder; Erik Friberg and see his quality of Norwegian boat designs. The man who paid for the construction of this build really went all out to make the best oar and sail boat. It need nothing to perform better. Kept inside garage all year round. Fast and fun to row and sail, fits 4 adults easily with sliding seats stored in front of the boat. Perfect for a couple to row in tandem together. I and another person rowed for 4 hours with no problem and we are not experienced rowers. Sliding seats come out very easily and can be stowed away for more room to move around. Very simple to use balanced lug rig and has two reefing points to depower in brisk winds. This boat fly's heading off wind! I am currently selling to help me pay for school otherwise I wouldn't let go. Any questions whatsoever just email or text. Also comes with trailer which I recently changed bearings and greased.

    **I just brought the boat down to bare wood and Re finished completely! **


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    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

    Scandinavian Faering sailboat

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