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Guppy 13, 1975, Oklahoma City, OK, $2,850, Price reduced 9/29/16 to $2,700, SOLD 10/23/16

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Guppy 13, 1975

  • manufactured by Mellon Marine. Asking $2,700. Clear titles.

    In summary, the boat package as a whole is in great condition, and ready to trailer sail today.


  • LOA 12.5'
  • Beam: 5.6'
  • Draft: 19" fixed keel
  • Ballast: 150 lbs concrete
  • Displacement: 480 lbs
  • 300 were built from 1974 to 1975

    The Guppy is one of the smallest production manufactured cabin sailboats to be made. As small as it is, it still has room for two adults to sleep. It has a shoal draft fixed keel, with concrete ballast. A high aspect sail plan. The fiberglass appears pretty thick for its size, solidly made. The hatch is hinged to provide more headroom.

    Comes with six sails. It has what appears to be the original white Dacron main and jib, which are in good condition. Also it has four newer bright yellow Dacron sails in excellent condition made by Tosh Custom Boatworks in Texas. These are another main, and three more jibs (120%, 75%, & 67%). So you're set with a variety of sails depending on the weather. The newer main has two reefs. Any Guppy is going to slow you down at the ramp, with people making inquiries. This one, with the bright yellow sails, turns heads, and will draw compliments from other sailors on the water.

    2004 Mercury 2.5hp two-stroke outboard in very good condition. Outboard looks and runs like new; very dependable. Also comes with oar locks and oars (some el cheapoes, but they work fine). I prefer not having an outboard, and realize I'm in the minority. The boat is balanced better without the outboard, but this isn't a racing boat, although it does perform amazingly well in light winds, well enough to keep up with much longer cabin boats.

    Other extras worth mentioning: A previous owner replaced the original four standard fixed port lights with six removable port holes, which creates a lot of ventilation when at anchor. Same previous owner beefed up both the outboard mount, and the compression post (which supports the cabin roof), and replaced the washboards with tinted Lexan.

    As far as I know, I am the 4th owner. I'm familiar with owners number 2 and 3. Number 2 purchase her in South Carolina, brought her to Muskogee, OK, renamed the boat 'Glenda Kay,' and meticulously maintained and improved her. Number 3 kept her near Lake Eufaula, OK; renamed her 'Honey B,' and was kind enough to sale her to me after a bit of begging.

    The trailer is very nice. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but it appears to be the custom trailer originally sold when the boat was new. It is very solid; painted steel square tubing. The tires are new. It has new L.E.D. lighting. The electrical connections were soldered and sealed in shrink tubing - my goal was to be able to drive the trailer underwater and never have to worry about lighting failures; so far, so good. Also the leaf springs were remounted below the axle, which lowers the set-up a few inches; so that the trailer doesn't have to be submerged as far when launching and recovering at the ramp. Boat and trailer can be towed by a subcompact vehicle. The whole thing can easily be stored in a garage and take up less space than a pick-up truck.

    These are unique boats, and worth researching if you are interested. Shorty Pen has a few articles (this hull is the star of two or three of those articles). In my opinion, for a micro cabin cruising trailer sailor that can be garage kept, it is hard to beat the low maintenance and convenience of these cute little boats.

    If you are a serious buyer and plan to take care of this boat, please contact me - preferably by email. Otherwise do not contact me; there is enough information about these boats on the internet. If you are bored, lonely, and just need someone to talk to, please call somebody else.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Guppy 13, 1975 sailboat

    Guppy 13, 1975 sailboat

    Guppy 13, 1975 sailboat

    Guppy 13, 1975 sailboat

    Guppy 13, 1975 sailboat

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