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Naples Sabot, 8 ft., Austin, Texas, $750, SOLD 2/11/16

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Naples Sabot, 8 ft.,

This is an 8 foot Sabot. I bought this and sailed with this boat when we lived in Redondo Beach, CA. We moved to Austin 17 years ago and it has been sitting on my garage since. Time to get rid of it.

Boat comes with a center adjustable keel and a sail that is in good shape. If you don't want to sail, you can use the paddles and row around.

  • Its in pretty good shape given its age.
  • Come by and check it out. One of these boats new nearly $5K. the boat is in my garage in Austin, Texas Here are the specs:


  • Naples Sabot drawing on
  • Hull Type: Pram (Leeboard) Rig Type: Cat (unstayed)
  • LOA: 7.92' / 2.41m LWL: 7.16' / 2.18m
  • Beam: 4.00' / 1.22m Listed SA: 38 ft2 / 3.53 m2
  • Draft (max.) 1.67' / 0.51m Draft (min.) 0.43' / 0.13m
  • Displacement: 95 lbs./ 43 kgs. Ballast:
  • Sail Area/Disp.1: 29.21 Bal./Disp.: Disp./Len.: 115.54
  • Designer: McCullough/Violette
  • Builder: Dash Manufacturing Co.
  • Construction: Wood/FG Bal. type:
  • First Built: 1943 Last Built: # Built: 9700

    BUILDERS (past & present)

  • More about & boats built by: Blue Bouy Yacht Co.
  • More about & boats built by: Schock W.D.


  • Naples Sabot


  • Developed by Roy McCullough and R.A. Violette as an inexpensive trainer. It takes its name from Naples in Long Beach, California. Loosely based on Charles MacGregor's SABOT as published in Rudder magazine in 1939. (originally the Balboa Dinghy). It differs from the original SABOT in its use of a leeboard instead of a daggerboard which was intended to make it more versitile for rowing. An article that appeared in 'Popular Mechanics Magazine' in 1949 brought additional interest in the class. Intended for plywood consturction, most recent boats boats are fiberglass.


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    Naples Sabot, 8 ft., sailboat

    Naples Sabot, 8 ft., sailboat

    Naples Sabot, 8 ft., sailboat

    Naples Sabot, 8 ft., sailboat

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